Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wet n' Wild review!

 Hello Stars! How have you been? Good I hope!!  Today I want to share with you one of my most favorite finds, for a  really low prices.  This, ladies and gentlemen is the Wet n' Wild 'Comfort Zone' palette.  The left side is more for stage left side and more of a going out look, or  a night look that has darker tones perfect night out.The paleter i d
 The color pay off is absolutely amazing for a $4 dollar product.. Also, there is little to no fall out with these, are out when applying htis and it lasts all day, especially if you use the ELF my products. My favorite color is the one in the bottom right- it's got a duochrome thing going on where in one look it looks grey and in another it looks green and I think that it is such a pretty color and I love it! Not only is there very little fall out it is also soft and buttery, NOT POWDERY which is hard to find in more purse friendly ELF except for their prism shadows.
 This swatch is of the left side of the palette, you can't see the highlight color because it is super light and shimmery but all of the other swatches I dipped my finger in once into the palette and look how pigmented they came out.  It's a very good palette indeed. :)
 This is a swatch of the right side and, unlike the high lighting shadow on the left side this is a lot easier to see. Again these are all just one swipe.
Alrght guys this the end of tho post, I hope you enjoyed! Remember, BE BEAUTIFUL, BE BOLD, BE YOU. <3/

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