Saturday, April 4, 2015

Learn how to Get Your Makeup to Stay Put During a Long Day

Hello Stars! Today, I'm going to teach you about (and hope you learn) what to use when your makeup keeps slipping off your face during a hot or busy day.  Now you may be wondering why I am showing the setting spray by E.L.F. and Suave hairspray instead of just using Urban Decay's setting spray and the Kat Von D setting spray.  I am doing this because both of these are very affordable and you can get them for under ten dollars- that's for both of them together! Suave is usually $2.79 at Target and the E.L.F. spray is $3.  The E.L.F. one works great for everyday during the day, going to be sitting in an office, or something like that.  It is neither matte nor dewy, which is perfect for those who just want their makeup set and not the added 'bonus' of the matte or dewy thing.  So, I would use E.L.F. on a day to day basis. Now, as for the hairspray, that's saved for special occasions because, while it doesn't break you out (at least it doesn't for me), it is very sticky at first and it is hairspray BUT if you use this, your makeup is not going anywhere.  I use this especially when I am a makeup artist on a musical or play because those actors will sweat their makeup off in seconds, I am one so I know, but this holds it all in place nicely.  If you don't feel safe using an aeresol spray, look for hairspray in the non aeresol version.  It is harder to find, but it is possible if you look at Sally's beauty supply or Tiffany's beauty supply.  Thanks for reading, guys, and have a great holiday!
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You. XOXO

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