Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Top 5 Blushes 💗

Well, I've finally done it, I've gone bonkers and paired down my many many blushes (if you'd like to see them all, please let me know) and picked my top five favorites.  These were not light hearted decisions and the ones I've picked, I really love.  I'm going to go from left to right describing them and I hope you maybe find some new blushes you would like to try out because of this post.
1. Milani Rose Blush in 08 'Tea Rose is the first in the line up.  I don't usually like matte blushes but this is a matte blush and it made it's way into my top five.  It's a nice deeper pink, but a deep pink that pale people can wear.  It is very smooth and soft, which makes it very nice to blend.
2. NARS blush in Super Orgasm is probably my all time favorite blush.  I love glitter and so the fact that it had gold glitter flecks in the blush is what drew me to it.  The big plus was that the peachy gold colored blush the glitter was in was absolutely gorgeous and was the final nail in shopping coffin and it found it's way into my Sephora basket.  It is highly pigmented which means all I have to use is a very light hand and you get a very nice color pay off.  I have a mini travel size of this color too, that's how much I love it.
3. Maybelinne's Dream Bouncy Blush in 30 Candy Coral.  I don't quite know how to explain the texture of this blush.  It's not a cream and it's not a powder but it is 'bouncy', like, you press it and it bounces back a little bit.  However you would describe the texture, it does nothing to compare to the product itself.  Note that with this blush you can really only use a stippling brush or your finger and my favorite brush to use is the E.L.F. small stippling brush, ANYWAYYY.   The color is absolutely amazing and beautiful, and the color pay off is just WOW! You have to use a very light hand or you will be blending for days, that's how pigmented it is.
4. NYX powder blush in Pinched, I have to say that I only purchased this because they said it was a drugstore dupe for the NARS Orgasm blush (it actually kind of is) but since then have come to love it as it's own.  It's a peachy pink color with a slight to mid golden shimmer running through it, and I absolutely love it.  It is a bit powdery but not so much that it takes me off it.
5. Tarte 24 Hour Blush in Adored, this is full size (I believe) that I got in a gift set.  It's a bright baby, almost Barbie, pink with a silver/white glitter running through the entire blush.  I think this is a gorgeous color, especially for spring and summer because it is so fresh and so beautiful.  This isn't very powdery and it blend pretty well, it's sort of in the middle in the road in that aspect.  As for the 24 hour claim, I don't know about that, but I do know that it lasts at least 10-12 hours when I wear it, which is super fantastic.
What are some of your favorite blushes? I'm dying to know! XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You!

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