Monday, April 20, 2015

Nude Lipstick Look for the Caspers out there (like me!)

Hello there Stars! How many of you, like me, are pale caspers out there reading this blog right now? How many? (Comment down below, promise I don't bite!) You probably think to yourself, oh, I can't wear nude lipstick or lipgloss because it will make me look paler than I already am but I'm here to tell you, help is on the way! You can go for a nude pink or you can actually go for a nude, nude, like I'm holding in my hands above (which I'm missing one product but we'll get to that later).  The two things I'm holding is the Wet n Wild lipstick (with the flat slanted rounded tops) in 902C in 'Bare it All' and in my other hand is the NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in 104 'Sweetheart'.  You can either wear these apart but I prefer to wear them together because the lipstick can look a bit harsh in bright sunlight.  The other product that I didn't photograph but want to mention is the Gerard Cosmetics lip gloss in Nude.  While it is more of a pinky nude, it does lean quite heavily to the nude side.  I got this a month or two ago and when I put it on the first time I was in love.  One swipe and I wasn't washed out, I didn't look like Casper with lipstick on, it actually looked really nice.  The best part was that it helped to lighten, i.e. brighten but less, my face and made me smile ear to ear.  These are my favorite nude options for if you're quite pale but what are yours? It doesn't matter the skin tone, I would just love to hear from my Stars.  If you would like to see a look either on here or on my YouTube Channel please let me know down below so I can get that up as soon as possible for you guys.  Always remember: 
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You. XOXO

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