Sunday, May 31, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 29: My Makeup Collection

I finally did it, I finally made my Makeup Collection video! I hope you guys enjoy and if you do, don't forget to head over to my channel and hit that subscribe button- it would really mean a lot, also, share it with your friends! Sharing is caring, folks :) I hope you enjoy.
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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 30: Top 5 Favorite Lipglosses of the Moment

Hello Stars! We're nearing the end of Makeup MAYhem and for the last blog post of MAYhem, I decided to show you my top 5 favorite lipglosses.  If you're curious, keep reading and I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 28: ELF Lash Primer REVIEW

Here are the products I used to test the ELF Lash Primer; ELF Lash Primer (obviously), Maybelline The Rocket mascara, and my Tarte eyelash curler.  I prepped my eyelashes by curling them with my curler.  I clamp down on my lashes then bend them up and pump for ten counts and then hold the lash curler there for a count of five.  I did this on both eyes.  Then on my right eye (the picture's left eye) I applied the eyelash primer, using two coats.  I then put The Rocket mascara on the non primed eye for the first coat and then put the first coat on the primed eye, wiggling the brush back and forth.  I then went back and repeated the previous step except this time instead of wiggling the brush, I blinked my lashes into the product and I did this on both eyes.  Here is the result:
As you can see, the lashes with the primer look significantly longer and thicker than the side without the primer.  My final verdict? At first I was VERY apprehensive about this product.  I mean, a GOOD lash primer for under $20? You've got to be joking.  As you can see, though, I am currently eating my own words.  This lash primer is absolutely amazing and comes in at under $10.  ELF definitely has it's misses but as I've discovered this past 2015 it has more hits than misses.  I would definitely recommend this product for people wanting to try a lash primer for the first time OR looking for a new one since they've finished off their high end one.  I definitely say go to the ELF site here and get yourself this product. XOXO
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 26: $20 Makeup Challenge

Okay, so I sort of cheated and didn't go out and buy makeup but I'm really trying really hard to stick to my No Buy  (one more month to go!) so I used what I had and used the prices from either the website for ELF, since it's the same at the store, and Walmart pricing for everything else because that's where I would have gone if I had been buying makeup for this challenge.  So here is what I used:
1. Maybelline Fit Me Matte And Poreless foundation in 110 Ivory- $4.79: I chose this for my foundation because I don't feel the need to use a powder with it.  Usually I do, but for the purpose of this post I did not use powder.  It keeps me matte all day and the coverage is great.  It doesn't oxidize on my skin and it stays in place pretty well. I used my fingers to apply this on my face to save money on not 'buying' brushes.
2. ELF Studio Cream Liner in Black- $3: I was lucky and this came with it's own brush so I could use it and not have to add an extra price for an eye liner brush.  I love this liner, it stays all day and I can actually line my waterline with it without feeling like I'm stabbing my eyes.  The only problem is that it does wear off my waterline after a while.
3. Rimmel Scandaleyes Curve Alert mascara- $5.47: This was a MUST for this list because it curls my lashes without having to use an eyelash curler.  Best drugstore mascara ever. Hands down.
4. ELF  Essential Lipstick in Socialable- $1: This lipstick is actually a bright pink not red like the picture makes it look.  With that being said, this product will be doing double duty as a lip color and a blush and I did try it and it worked out pretty well.  Sadly, I forgot to take pictures :/
5. Maybelline Brow Drama in Light- $5.97: Of course you have to do those brows! Get them on fleek girl, and this stuff does in a pinch for under $6.  I really like using it alone on the day to day because it gives my eyebrows a tint while still shaping them and holding the hairs in place.
My Total? $20.41 wahh wahh wahhhhhhhh but hey, I was only forty-one cents over budget, I was afraid I would be two or three dollars over budget.  I now tag all of you, try the $20 makeup challenge but I would say you don't have to go out and buy new things (unless you have the means and want to).  I hope you enjoyed this post! XOXO
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Makeup MAYhem Day 25: Empties #1

My first ever Empties video! Watch and enjoy :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 24: Top 5 Makeup Palettes

Makeup Palettes, the best way to try many colors at once and get more bang for your buck.  Some are as cheap as $2 and some cost upwards of $70 but they're all there for one reason, to give you options for your best looks.  There are foundation palettes, concealer palettes, contour palettes, blush palettes, lip palettes, and eyeshadow palettes- the opportunities are endless!  So here are my top five eyeshadow palettes, I hope you enjoy! These are in order of most favorite to least most favorite, but I really love them all or they wouldn't be here.

First up is my beloved Naked 3 palette:

Friday, May 22, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 22: Top 5 Lipsticks

Hello Stars! Welcome back to the beginning of the end- of Makeup MAYhem that is, less than ten days left now and today is day 22 and along with it my top five favorite lipsticks of the moment.

Let's get started shall we? :D
1. Flower beauty by Drew Barrymore in Classic Red.  This is one of my favorite reds and I actually picked it up in a rush  before a show because I didn't have red lipstick.  I wasn't expecting much from it; I knew nothing about the brand, was in a rush, and hadn't researched what their formulas were like.  I was so wonderfully surprised with this lipstick.  It is very creamy, smooth, and long lasting, it's absolutely amazing.
2. City Color City Chic lipstick in Pinky Promise- this is my perfect pink nude.  It is super pigmented and very creamy- all of the City Chic lipsticks are, it was hard to pick my favorite!  This pink is absolutely stunning on people with pale skin like me, it compliments the skin tone without being too 'out there', ya know? An amazing lipstick AND company!
3. Bite Beauty in Lingonberry- you can only get this shade in the mini duo with Tangerine (I believe) and it's a beautiful shade.  At first I was afraid because of how purple/magenta-y it was but once it's on, it looks absolutely lovely! The color doesn't wash me out and if you're looking for a bold lip, this is definitely one to go for.  It's a purple tone, even though it's more magenta pinkish, that paler people can wear without looking strange.  Or at least that's how I feel about the whole situation.  This goes on super creamy and stays that way, it would never dry your lips out.  The one downside is that you do have to reapply it often because of it being so creamy and you can't leave it anywhere it's going to get super hot or else you'll have a, err, hot mess on your hands and a ruined lipstick to boot.
4. Gerard Cosmetics in Tequila Sunrise- this is a very nice nude color, but it does err to the side of more orange than nude but I'm okay with that.  The one thing I would have to say I don't like about this lipstick is that it is very dry going on and makes it very hard to get a smooth application. The color payoff on the other hand is absolutely amazing.  I love the color of this lipstick and I want to try more Gerard Cosmetic lipsticks in the future because they are absolutely amazing and the staying power is great.  
5. MAC Cremesheen in Crosswires- this was my very first MAC lipstick and I still love it to this day.  It's a gorgeous pinky brown but more pink color with a little hint of shimmer and shine.  It doesn't dry my lips out nor does it sink into the lines of my lips.  The color payoff is what you would expect of a MAC lipstick, so, amazing! I love this lipstick and when I don't know what lipstick to wear, this is the one I reach for nine times out of ten.
What are some of your favorite lipsticks? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 21: Get To Know Me!

Hey Stars! I just wanted to give you a little peek as to what's going on with MAYhem over on my YouTube Channel.  This is my latest video, which is a bit rambly but you get to know me a little bit better! I talk about my depression, being bi-polar, and my anxiety- let me know if you can relate because it's always nice to have a buddy in this world going through what you're going through.   I hope you all are having an amazing day! XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 20: Stranded on an Island...

Today, my mom posed the question to me while I was working on another post about what three makeup things (minus sunscreen) would I want to have with me if I was stranded on an island.  I had to really think about it because you want to have a full face  available just in case some cute guy(or girl) in a boat comes to your rescue, right? Well here are my three things but now I pose the question to you, what would you take and why?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 17: 50 Facts About Me!

Hello Stars and welcome to Makeup MAYhem Day 17.  I know today was supposed to be a video but being sick and all that made filming quite difficult, so I switched days and the video "My Favorite Non-Makeup Things" will be going up tomorrow and this is going up today, err, tonight.  So, fifty facts about me that you may or may  not know- let's get started!
1. I am only 4'9"
2. I will be 22 at the end of June
3. I have no siblings (except my pets)
4. I have had three dogs in my lifetime.
5. I try to stay away from the norm.
6. I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), a condition that causes brittle bones.
7.  I went to an all women's college.
8.  I got early acceptance/early decision to college in October of my Senior year of high school.
9. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Performance on May 10, 2014 in Columbia, MO.

10. While I still act, I have transitioned to being a certified makeup artist, sound designer, prop master, director, and stage manager.
11. Compared to most YouTube beauty 'gurus', I don't have many makeup or hair products.
12. All of my makeup fits in two drawers.
13. My top three favorite makeup things are mascara, blush, and eye palettes.
14. My nail polish and other nail things are stored in a large canvas box.
15. I have two Instagram accounts, a professional account and a personal account. (I'd love you forever if you followed both!)
16. I almost died in 2005 when I got Toxic Shock Syndrome because of my first back rodding surgery.
17.  I have broken 46 bones that I know of.
18. I have had 20 orthopedic surgeries, 21 if you count my tonsils.
19. I have to write in colored pens in my journal and I can't use the same color on two days back to back.
20. I have seasonal allergies
21. I am allergic to Tincture of Benzione
22. I have a tattoo on my right wrist that I got in August of '13.
23. My tattoo is a semi-colon with the meaning of 'The end is where we start from'.

24. I knit normally as well as doing loom knitting.  I prefer loom knitting.
25. I wear a woman's shoe size 4/5
26. I have two favorite colors: Pink and Cerulean Blue
27. I used to be a door to door sales person
28. The first show I was a lead in was called "A Long Walk To Forever"
29. This year's fractures in my left leg were the first time I got the chance to have colored casts.
30. My favorite plays are The Importance of Being Earnest, The Hologram Theory, and The House of Blue Leaves.  My favorite musicals are Kinky Boots, The Who's Tommy, and Next to Normal.

31. I LOVE watching YouTube videos about beauty and diy (duhhhh)
32. I've nevver been a morning person but I'm learning to become one.
33. My mom surprised me one Christmas with a Coach bag.
34. I am not tied down to any facial cleansers, toners, serums, or lotions- I switch up my products often.  Right now I'm using Body Shop products but I have Soap and Glory products waiting in the wings.
35. I love finding deals and good clearance items (Target $1 section, anyone?)
36. I love my planner.  It's a normal one I got from Target.
38. I use calligraphy.
39. My favorite band is The Who.
40. I have seen The Who live at the Hollywood Bowl as well as their rock opera Tommy (where Alice Ripley played the mom)
41. I learned how to edit videos with Premiere Pro but then switched to Wondershare.
42. I have never done an official Project 10 Pan.
43. Since I started blogging and vlogging, I've gotten better about using up products.
44. My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Torchwood, and Father Brown.
45. My first airplane ride was when I was six months old to Baltimore, MD to see family.
46. I own a pair of Doctor Who Union Jack boxers.
47. Henry, my current dog, is the third we've rescued but the first one we have adopted from a shelter.
 48. I am a Cancer, so I'm a very emotional person.
49. I have a total of six piercings, five in my ear and one in my nose.
50. I have directed a fully blown play called The How and The Why by Sarah Treem

 BONUS: 51. I run 5k's.

 That's it folks, that's all there is to know.  I even added pictures, I wasn't going to do that.  I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did coming up with all of the facts :)  What's something about you that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear! XOXO

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 16: Some of the Most Underrated Products

I had a lot of trouble just picking a few of what I believe to be underrated products so I picked a lot.  I picked so many, though, that I had to make a collage because otherwise it would be the most picture heavy post you have ever seen me do.  This post is going to show you what I think is underrated and I'll at least mention each product and why I love it, which is the reason I would think it should be recognized more.  Not being in marketing, I can't tell you why they aren't as loved as other things so I won't be saying why they're underrated, just that I think they are.
I have a good plethora of things that are underrated and the biggest thing is the shimmer lotion in the scent A Thousand Wishes.  I didn't even know they had this product until I saw it in the Bath and Body Works shop a few months back.  The scent is what I believe is underrated.  It is absolutely delicious and has quickly become one of my favorite scents by the company.  I would like to get the body wash next.  The next object is the Rimmel bronzer.  Now, I love it because I'm very fair and it's hard to find a bronzer that works with my skin without making me look orange or muddy.  This does just that, it's got a nice shimmer to it and is more golden brown than tan or orange brown.  It's just the perfect thing.  Next up on the block is the contour brush by ELF, now this may be underrated now but definitely give it time and it will be up there with people's favorite ELF brushes like the 'C' brush.  It's brand new to the studio brush line but is absolutely amazing for stamping on your contour shade.
Now I, like many, are skeptical of NYC shadows because they look very cheap and chalky but this maroon palette I bought from them is just absolutely beautiful.  The darker colors are super pigmented and create a very nice smokey look.  This should definitely be something that should be flying off the shelves.  Another thing that initially flew off shelves but has since stopped is the Ulta contour and highlighting kit.  People may think that it would be bad quality because it is Ulta brand and, let's face it, their brand is not known for their quality or at least it wasn't.  This is the most versatile contour palette with two shimmery highlighters and four contour/bronzer shades.  It is absolutely beautiful and wonderful and you need it in your life right now.
The Wet n' Wild eyeshadow primer was the big surprise in this list.  I find it to be as good as my Urban Decay primer when it comes to giving my eyeshadows color vibrancy.  The Revlon PhotoReady concealer is something that everyone should have for the days when they have a really red monster zit because you put this over it and you can't spot the zit anymore.  It's not cakey or heavy but it is a full coverage concealer.  The Intense Shine palette is on this list because I have never heard or seen anyone, even those who love City Color, talk about it.  The colors are absolutely pigmented and they are the most beautiful jewel tones I have ever seen.  Now, the NARS nail polish really surprised me because, come on, it's NARS! My nails like to chip two hours after I've put polish on but not this brand.  Nope.  It stays on for a good long while and looks stunning whilst doing so, so go and get yourself some NARS polish, like, yesterday.
I just realized how long this post is going to be, so imagine me saying I love each product that is left (which I do) and that I am shocked I don't hear more about it.  Just, try these products. Trust me, you won't (or at least I hope) be disappointed.  What are some products that you think are underrated? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 14: Clairsonic Mia REVIEW!

This is the Clairsonic Mia, first edition, in hot pink.  It costs $100 dollars.  Supposedly, it's supposed to be the best face cleansing tool out there but is it? Keep on reading to see my thoughts on the product and if it was worth saving to buy and if it's truly worth all of the hype...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 12: Top 5 at (or under) $5

Welcome to Makeup MAYhem Day 12 which I have for you my top five products under $5.  They are all over the board with prices from $1.99 to $5.  These products are great and work just as well as their high end counterparts.  
1. ELF Studio Blush in 'Twinkle Pink'- This was my first studio blush from ELF and I was really surprised by how pigmented and beautiful it was when I put it on for the first time.  They are soft and not chalky or powdery and the best part? The total cost is $3 for the blush.
2. Sinful Colors Nail Polish- This brand of nail polish is one of my all time favorites and not just because of the great price of $1.99-$3.99.  They have colors upon colors, from straight color to major glitters and duo chromes.  They are usually opaque within one coat and, if you use a  top coat, it lasts for at least a week to a week and a half.
3. ELF Mist and Set setting spray- For $3 you get 2.02oz of product.  While it does not completely compare to, say, the Skindinavia spray or the Urban Decay setting spray (which is produced by Skindinavia) which cost upwards of $20+ but it does set your makeup.  It does make your makeup stay put even under theatre lights, I know from experience, which is a feat in and of itself.
4. City Color Cosmetics Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream- This is one of my most favorite products on this list, costing $4.99.  I love to mix this with my foundation because then I get that lit from within kind of glow.  You can also use it alone to highlight your cheeks and your cupids bow.
5. Colour Pop eyeshadow in 'Fringe'- This is a gorgeous, silver gold color that is packed with shimmer.  These shadows (and lippie sticks) are the best $5 you could ever spend online. They are super creamy and they blend flawlessly and amazingly.
What are your favorite products under $5? I would love to know, so leave a comment down below! XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Monday, May 11, 2015

E.L.F. Studio Blush Collection and Review!

About a month ago, I made a huge order from ELF because most of what I ordered was going into my professional kit but there were some pieces that were for my personal collection and one, or four, of those products were the Studio Blushes.  I got the colors Twinkle Pink, Tickled Pink, Candid Coral, and Peachy Keen.  Sadly, none of the pictures I took for this post do the blushes any justice in color.  While they are close in color they are all very different in formula and finish so let's go over each one!
This is my favorite one, Twinkle Pink.  It is a mid-toned pink with a tone of sparkle and by sparkle, I mean glitter which is why I love it.  The glitter though is not chunky, it's pretty fine, which means there is little fall out and it gives the cheeks the perfect hint of sparkle and glow.  The color is perfect for every day and for a night out.  It's a very versatile blush and that's why I love it so much.
This is actually one of my very few matte blushes in Tickled Pink.  It's a medium pink, with no sheen or sparkle.  It's the perfect blush for going to meetings or when you want to go heavier on the highlighting of your cheeks and face.  This blush allows me to feel professional but if I want a tiny bit of sheen I can use a blush topper so that there is a sheen there while still being matte.  The best thing is that even though this blush is matte, it's not chalky which is always a worry when buying light matte blushes for me.
This picture is making the blush look a lot more yellow than it is, this blush is in Candid Coral.  This blush is on the deeper side (I know, the picture really does it NO JUSTICE) which will be really pretty in the fall.  It's not matte, there is a nice sheen to it but it doesn't have glitter like Twinkle Pink does.  This is probably the softest of all the blushes, even though all of them a very soft in feel, but is pretty pigmented.  It gives you a nice deep flush with just a hint of shine when you turn towards the light.

Finally is Peachy Keen and, no, it is not yellow the lighting just would not cooperate with me. This is probably the most bronze-y looking one out of all four but it still is pink-ish.  I've used this blush as both a bronzer and a blush, so it does double duty which I absolutely LOVE.  There is a very nice sheen with a very subtle sparkle in this blush that I really love.  This is probably the second most pigmented one in the bunch, next to Twinkle Pink as well as being my second favorite, again, next to Twinkle Pink.
Do you like the Studio Blushes by ELF? What colors are your favorite? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 10: Sculpt and Glow Tutorial

So you're new to the makeup world, or you want to learn how to make your face look sculpted and have a beautiful glow right? Well, I can help you with that, or at least give you the tips that I have learned over the past year and show you the tools and products I use.  Now, I'm no expert but I certainly do try my best so I hope you find this helpful.
These are my two brushes for highlighting- a rounded contour brush and a fan brush.  The rounded contour brush is from Real Techniques Core collection and the fan brush is by Royal and Langnickel from their Pink Essentials collection.  The fan brush is good for a very light dusting at the top of the cheek bone while the Real Techniques brush is better for a heavier highlight around the eye and on top of the cheek bone as well as down the nose, on the chin, and in the cupids bow.  You want to highlight the places where light will naturally hit- this will help to give you a natural glow.
I use the ELF Contour Brush, which is a flat top thin brush which is great for creating a great chiseled look.  I then use the round flat top brush to blend out the harsh line.  I then use the oval shaped flat top brush to contour the perimiter of my face and down my neck.
These are the products I use.  You don't have to spend a lot of money on a contouring palette, you can use any matte bronzer and any highlighter you like.  I hope this helped you, please leave any questions that you may have! XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Makeup MAYhem Day 9 and YouTube update

Hello all! Here is the latest Makeup MAYhem video which you can watch here or on  my channel, EmmaDelfosseMUA, on YouTube.  If you hadn't realized, by reading the blog you are only getting half of Makeup MAYhem and that is because I split it between my blog and my YouTube channel.  It would really mean a lot if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel as well as watching my videos and reading these posts, which I hope you are enjoying by the way :)  Anyway, this was yesterday's video which was all about shopping my collection and rediscovering products that had gone to the wayside.  I would love your feedback and to hear what you have rediscovered in your collection! XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Maybelline Matte Lipstick: REVIEW

This post is not part of Makeup MAYhem, it's just a normal everyday post because I wanted to share this product with you.
A few weeks ago, I picked up one of the new (or maybe they're not 'new' but they're new to me) Maybelline Creamy Matte lipsticks in the color 670 'Ravishing Rose'.  I picked this up because I've been LOVING their Rebel Bloom and Vivids collection so I figured I would give one of these a try and I was not disappointed.
I don't usually use matte lip products unless they are the Revlon Matte lip crayons because I was having trouble getting into this new fad but not anymore! I absolutely adore this lipstick; the color, the texture, the non-existent scent, everything about it is wonderful.  I don't find it drying my lips out even though it is a matte lipstick, which is unlike most mattes out there.  I do find that it can sink into the tiny lines in my lips if I don't leave a lip balm on for a few minutes beforehand but even if I don't do that it doesn't deter me from wearing the lipstick.  The color is the perfect pinky-nude on me, and anyone else who is pretty fair like I am.  The consistency is very creamy and the lipstick just glides onto the lips instead of having a dragging feeling like some other matte products I have tried.  I also like that the packaging is matte so that I can easily spot it in my collection.  That's actually one of the things I love about the Maybelline lipsticks in general- the packaging goes with the type of product in the tube.  Otherwise the packaging is like that of any other Maybelline lipstick, silver base with the color and name sticker on the bottom with the product in a silver bullet.  I picked this product up at Walmart where the Maybelline Creamy Matte's collection runs about $6 which, for a lipstick, isn't too bad when L'Oreal and Revlon can run $4-$8 so it's right there in the middle ground.  Have you tried this lipstick? What do you think of it? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 8: My "Night Routine"

Today, I was supposed to show you my "night routine" but to be completely honest, I don't have a set night routine that I could take pictures of.  I mean, yes, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and do that whole routine [which will be a later MAYhem post or video].  It depends on how I've been feeling that day on what I do after the essential teeth cleaning and face washing since I shower in the mornings (right now at least).  The only other constant is that I watch something while sitting in bed, either YouTube, Netflix, or a DVD/VHS movie while doing something else.  Sometimes I'll read a book and since I read so many at once the book changes from night to night.  Some nights it will be a beauty book, or sometimes it's a graphic novel, or, most of the time, I read a fiction book.  Some nights I'll just want to look at pictures so I'll flip through a magazine.  Some nights I'll knit and some nights I won't do anything but watch whatever I've popped in or have playing.  So, you see, my night routine isn't really routine at all but I would love to hear what you do for your "night routine". XOXO

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 6: Spa Day!

 On your day of pampering, you need a comfy robe to start things off and then a nice cup of tea- preferably peppermint (not pictured).  As you sit and sip your tea and watch your favorite show, put on your favorite mask- I would suggest the Anti Stress Mask with Dead Sea Minerals which you can find at Ulta, Target, Wallgreens, Wal-mart, or Rite Aid.  You want to be fully relaxed on your 'treat yourself' day.
While you let your mask set, now is the time to get into a nice relaxing bath (or a nice hot shower if you don't have a bath) and take a bath bomb or bubble bar or bubble soap or essential oils and put them into your bath or shower and enjoy the relaxation they promote.  I prefer to use one of my Lush products, pictured below is the Sunnyside Bubble Bar [beware of the glitter that comes with Lush].
Then climb into your comfy clothes, my choice being an oversized shirt and my Boji yoga pants and now it's time to paint your nails!
For my nails I used the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy (I don't know WHY but I did) in the color Lady Luck.  This is far from my favorite nail polish, stay tuned for a post about why.  In order to make sure my mani would stay past dinner, I used the Orly Bonder base coat and a Diamond Shield top coat, along with the top coat provided.  Providing this result:
The final step in my pampering day, besides cuddling with my pup and watching a movie, is to give your lips a good scrub with a bought or home made lip scrub, followed by applying a thick layer of carmex or vaseline lip therapy to really keep your lips nice and smooth and feeling great!
I  hope you enjoyed my Spa Day, what do you do on your spa days? Do you enjoy relaxing in a robe or are you the type of person who has to be dressed and doing something even when you are relaxing? I'd love to know! XOXO

#DrugstoreWeek Day 4: My Favorite Drugstore Products

Makeup MAYhem Day 4: Morning Routine

First thing when I get up is trying to get up without disturbing Henry (the furball glaring at me), which never happens.  Take various pills so I can function normally- like vitamins, hair and nails, and calcium. To say the top of my dresser is a mess is an understatement, I'm working on it I swear.
 Then I grab my computer and phone and head down to the kitchen in hopes of finding food and waking up.  I usually have my peanut butter cereal but today I was out of that so I went for this Cheerios mix which is actually pretty good.  I then sit and eat my breakfast while catching up on YouTube or finishing a movie or TV show on Netflix.  If it's on, I will really geek out and watch Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBC America and completely ignore my computer and phone.
This day I just wore sweats and didn't do any makeup or hair because I was feeling sick and wasn't going anywhere.  So there is my (pretty boring) morning routine besides brushing my teeth and washing my face with my Clairsonic. What do you do in the mornings? XOXO

Saturday, May 2, 2015

#DrugstoreWeek Day 3: Everyday Face

Hello there Stars! I hope you enjoyed the first two videos of my #DrugstoreWeek, because I've got a few more coming to ya!  This was Day 3, which was an everyday face tutorial. After filming video 5 for this series, I've changed my set up a bit so you can see what I'm doing a bit better in my tutorials. This video is a nice soft look for everyday- work, going out to run errands (when you want makeup for that), and simple things like that.  I will show you in another video a more glamorous look for nights out and things like that.  It would really mean a lot if you, my amazing subsribers and readers, would check out my channel EmmaDelfosseMUA or use this link to be taken to my channel: .  I hope you enjoy, and comment down below with some of your favorite videos to see or your favorite drugstore products! XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

Makeup MAYhem Day #2: My Top Five Mascaras

Hello again Stars, how have you been this week? It's been super crazy for me and about to get crazier with Aladdin closing this Saturday.  So, before the craziness ensues I wanted to get up another well thought out and devised post.... which just happens to go along with my blush post. Oh, before we get to the good stuff, do you know what I did today? I got to go shopping with my friend Amy and help her pick out some of her first high end makeup products, like foundation and lippies, and then I got to teach her how to apply them all. Another job done well, booyah! Okay, okay, I'll stop rambling- onto the TOP FIVE MASCARAS!!
As with the blushes, they are in no particular order, and just because one comes before another does not mean I like it more or less. Cool? Cool. Let's rock this boat! (I have no clue what's with the sailing analogy, sorry guys)
1. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, so I said this wasn't in any particular order- and it's not- but this is my Holy Grail high end mascara (with Perversion coming in a close second).  This mascara has an hourglass shaped wand that just makes your lashes looked fluttery and full and long without the hassle and trouble of false lashes.  I love this mascara, that's all I can really say.
2. Maybelline Rocket Volume mascara, okay. So. I picked this up on a whim at Wallgreens one day when they were on sale for $6 instead of the regular price and I decided to pick one up.  I had actually had pretty bad experiences with the last two Maybelline one's I had tried at the time so for me to take the plunge and try this was hard but you know what? I'm so glad I did.  This mascara is great for a drugstore mascara, I wouldn't say it gives me 'Rocket Volume' but I do notice that my lashes are a bit more voluminous and longer than when I went without it.  You do have to remember to curl your lashes before using it or you're going to have sad lashes.
3. Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara, my dad picked this up for me for Easter in a two pack because I wanted to try new Scandaleyes products but didn't know where to start, so he started with trying to get me away from my 'old faithful' mascara from the line and got this.  First off, the brush is hugh and it's bristles not plastic, which is really nice to see.
4. Rimmel Scandaleyes Cruve Alert Mascara is my all time favorite mascara.  It gives my lashes a great curl without using an eyelash curler. And is just my all time favorite. That's all I can say. Just go and try it.
5. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara has made it's way up in the ranks pretty fast, to the second spot just under my Curve Alert.  It's an amazing mascara that lifts and separates while also give a bit of curl and volume.  The brush is curved and has both short and long plastic bristles that help to get each and every lash.
So, two Rimmel mascaras and two Maybelline mascaras- can you guess my favorite brand yet? What are your favorite mascaras? Are there ones that you think I should try? Let me know down in the comments! XOXO