Monday, May 11, 2015

E.L.F. Studio Blush Collection and Review!

About a month ago, I made a huge order from ELF because most of what I ordered was going into my professional kit but there were some pieces that were for my personal collection and one, or four, of those products were the Studio Blushes.  I got the colors Twinkle Pink, Tickled Pink, Candid Coral, and Peachy Keen.  Sadly, none of the pictures I took for this post do the blushes any justice in color.  While they are close in color they are all very different in formula and finish so let's go over each one!
This is my favorite one, Twinkle Pink.  It is a mid-toned pink with a tone of sparkle and by sparkle, I mean glitter which is why I love it.  The glitter though is not chunky, it's pretty fine, which means there is little fall out and it gives the cheeks the perfect hint of sparkle and glow.  The color is perfect for every day and for a night out.  It's a very versatile blush and that's why I love it so much.
This is actually one of my very few matte blushes in Tickled Pink.  It's a medium pink, with no sheen or sparkle.  It's the perfect blush for going to meetings or when you want to go heavier on the highlighting of your cheeks and face.  This blush allows me to feel professional but if I want a tiny bit of sheen I can use a blush topper so that there is a sheen there while still being matte.  The best thing is that even though this blush is matte, it's not chalky which is always a worry when buying light matte blushes for me.
This picture is making the blush look a lot more yellow than it is, this blush is in Candid Coral.  This blush is on the deeper side (I know, the picture really does it NO JUSTICE) which will be really pretty in the fall.  It's not matte, there is a nice sheen to it but it doesn't have glitter like Twinkle Pink does.  This is probably the softest of all the blushes, even though all of them a very soft in feel, but is pretty pigmented.  It gives you a nice deep flush with just a hint of shine when you turn towards the light.

Finally is Peachy Keen and, no, it is not yellow the lighting just would not cooperate with me. This is probably the most bronze-y looking one out of all four but it still is pink-ish.  I've used this blush as both a bronzer and a blush, so it does double duty which I absolutely LOVE.  There is a very nice sheen with a very subtle sparkle in this blush that I really love.  This is probably the second most pigmented one in the bunch, next to Twinkle Pink as well as being my second favorite, again, next to Twinkle Pink.
Do you like the Studio Blushes by ELF? What colors are your favorite? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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