Saturday, May 16, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 16: Some of the Most Underrated Products

I had a lot of trouble just picking a few of what I believe to be underrated products so I picked a lot.  I picked so many, though, that I had to make a collage because otherwise it would be the most picture heavy post you have ever seen me do.  This post is going to show you what I think is underrated and I'll at least mention each product and why I love it, which is the reason I would think it should be recognized more.  Not being in marketing, I can't tell you why they aren't as loved as other things so I won't be saying why they're underrated, just that I think they are.
I have a good plethora of things that are underrated and the biggest thing is the shimmer lotion in the scent A Thousand Wishes.  I didn't even know they had this product until I saw it in the Bath and Body Works shop a few months back.  The scent is what I believe is underrated.  It is absolutely delicious and has quickly become one of my favorite scents by the company.  I would like to get the body wash next.  The next object is the Rimmel bronzer.  Now, I love it because I'm very fair and it's hard to find a bronzer that works with my skin without making me look orange or muddy.  This does just that, it's got a nice shimmer to it and is more golden brown than tan or orange brown.  It's just the perfect thing.  Next up on the block is the contour brush by ELF, now this may be underrated now but definitely give it time and it will be up there with people's favorite ELF brushes like the 'C' brush.  It's brand new to the studio brush line but is absolutely amazing for stamping on your contour shade.
Now I, like many, are skeptical of NYC shadows because they look very cheap and chalky but this maroon palette I bought from them is just absolutely beautiful.  The darker colors are super pigmented and create a very nice smokey look.  This should definitely be something that should be flying off the shelves.  Another thing that initially flew off shelves but has since stopped is the Ulta contour and highlighting kit.  People may think that it would be bad quality because it is Ulta brand and, let's face it, their brand is not known for their quality or at least it wasn't.  This is the most versatile contour palette with two shimmery highlighters and four contour/bronzer shades.  It is absolutely beautiful and wonderful and you need it in your life right now.
The Wet n' Wild eyeshadow primer was the big surprise in this list.  I find it to be as good as my Urban Decay primer when it comes to giving my eyeshadows color vibrancy.  The Revlon PhotoReady concealer is something that everyone should have for the days when they have a really red monster zit because you put this over it and you can't spot the zit anymore.  It's not cakey or heavy but it is a full coverage concealer.  The Intense Shine palette is on this list because I have never heard or seen anyone, even those who love City Color, talk about it.  The colors are absolutely pigmented and they are the most beautiful jewel tones I have ever seen.  Now, the NARS nail polish really surprised me because, come on, it's NARS! My nails like to chip two hours after I've put polish on but not this brand.  Nope.  It stays on for a good long while and looks stunning whilst doing so, so go and get yourself some NARS polish, like, yesterday.
I just realized how long this post is going to be, so imagine me saying I love each product that is left (which I do) and that I am shocked I don't hear more about it.  Just, try these products. Trust me, you won't (or at least I hope) be disappointed.  What are some products that you think are underrated? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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