Friday, May 22, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 22: Top 5 Lipsticks

Hello Stars! Welcome back to the beginning of the end- of Makeup MAYhem that is, less than ten days left now and today is day 22 and along with it my top five favorite lipsticks of the moment.

Let's get started shall we? :D
1. Flower beauty by Drew Barrymore in Classic Red.  This is one of my favorite reds and I actually picked it up in a rush  before a show because I didn't have red lipstick.  I wasn't expecting much from it; I knew nothing about the brand, was in a rush, and hadn't researched what their formulas were like.  I was so wonderfully surprised with this lipstick.  It is very creamy, smooth, and long lasting, it's absolutely amazing.
2. City Color City Chic lipstick in Pinky Promise- this is my perfect pink nude.  It is super pigmented and very creamy- all of the City Chic lipsticks are, it was hard to pick my favorite!  This pink is absolutely stunning on people with pale skin like me, it compliments the skin tone without being too 'out there', ya know? An amazing lipstick AND company!
3. Bite Beauty in Lingonberry- you can only get this shade in the mini duo with Tangerine (I believe) and it's a beautiful shade.  At first I was afraid because of how purple/magenta-y it was but once it's on, it looks absolutely lovely! The color doesn't wash me out and if you're looking for a bold lip, this is definitely one to go for.  It's a purple tone, even though it's more magenta pinkish, that paler people can wear without looking strange.  Or at least that's how I feel about the whole situation.  This goes on super creamy and stays that way, it would never dry your lips out.  The one downside is that you do have to reapply it often because of it being so creamy and you can't leave it anywhere it's going to get super hot or else you'll have a, err, hot mess on your hands and a ruined lipstick to boot.
4. Gerard Cosmetics in Tequila Sunrise- this is a very nice nude color, but it does err to the side of more orange than nude but I'm okay with that.  The one thing I would have to say I don't like about this lipstick is that it is very dry going on and makes it very hard to get a smooth application. The color payoff on the other hand is absolutely amazing.  I love the color of this lipstick and I want to try more Gerard Cosmetic lipsticks in the future because they are absolutely amazing and the staying power is great.  
5. MAC Cremesheen in Crosswires- this was my very first MAC lipstick and I still love it to this day.  It's a gorgeous pinky brown but more pink color with a little hint of shimmer and shine.  It doesn't dry my lips out nor does it sink into the lines of my lips.  The color payoff is what you would expect of a MAC lipstick, so, amazing! I love this lipstick and when I don't know what lipstick to wear, this is the one I reach for nine times out of ten.
What are some of your favorite lipsticks? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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