Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 4: Morning Routine

First thing when I get up is trying to get up without disturbing Henry (the furball glaring at me), which never happens.  Take various pills so I can function normally- like vitamins, hair and nails, and calcium. To say the top of my dresser is a mess is an understatement, I'm working on it I swear.
 Then I grab my computer and phone and head down to the kitchen in hopes of finding food and waking up.  I usually have my peanut butter cereal but today I was out of that so I went for this Cheerios mix which is actually pretty good.  I then sit and eat my breakfast while catching up on YouTube or finishing a movie or TV show on Netflix.  If it's on, I will really geek out and watch Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation on BBC America and completely ignore my computer and phone.
This day I just wore sweats and didn't do any makeup or hair because I was feeling sick and wasn't going anywhere.  So there is my (pretty boring) morning routine besides brushing my teeth and washing my face with my Clairsonic. What do you do in the mornings? XOXO

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