Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Makeup MAYhem Day 6: Spa Day!

 On your day of pampering, you need a comfy robe to start things off and then a nice cup of tea- preferably peppermint (not pictured).  As you sit and sip your tea and watch your favorite show, put on your favorite mask- I would suggest the Anti Stress Mask with Dead Sea Minerals which you can find at Ulta, Target, Wallgreens, Wal-mart, or Rite Aid.  You want to be fully relaxed on your 'treat yourself' day.
While you let your mask set, now is the time to get into a nice relaxing bath (or a nice hot shower if you don't have a bath) and take a bath bomb or bubble bar or bubble soap or essential oils and put them into your bath or shower and enjoy the relaxation they promote.  I prefer to use one of my Lush products, pictured below is the Sunnyside Bubble Bar [beware of the glitter that comes with Lush].
Then climb into your comfy clothes, my choice being an oversized shirt and my Boji yoga pants and now it's time to paint your nails!
For my nails I used the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy (I don't know WHY but I did) in the color Lady Luck.  This is far from my favorite nail polish, stay tuned for a post about why.  In order to make sure my mani would stay past dinner, I used the Orly Bonder base coat and a Diamond Shield top coat, along with the top coat provided.  Providing this result:
The final step in my pampering day, besides cuddling with my pup and watching a movie, is to give your lips a good scrub with a bought or home made lip scrub, followed by applying a thick layer of carmex or vaseline lip therapy to really keep your lips nice and smooth and feeling great!
I  hope you enjoyed my Spa Day, what do you do on your spa days? Do you enjoy relaxing in a robe or are you the type of person who has to be dressed and doing something even when you are relaxing? I'd love to know! XOXO

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