Sunday, June 7, 2015

Arbonne Launch Party: June Jubilee Day 6!

Last weekend I had the great honor of going to a friend's Arbonne launch party and it was so much fun! I wanted to share my experience, as well as the products I saw, with you.
So, to hear what I have to say about the products, my experience, and more about the company keep on reading!
So, I had never heard of Arbonne until my friend invited me to her launch party.  In a sense it runs along the same lines as Mary Kay and Avon except the products are cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, organic, basically every good thing a product can be- this stuff is.  Here is a quote from the founder that I think sums up the company pretty nicely:
        "Arbonne is a place where ordinary people do extraordinary things every          day to enhance not only their own lives, but also the lives of so many                    others."- Petter Merck, Founder.

The company began thirty years ago with Stian Merck, who is now the Managing Director's, father.  Their philosophy is simple, their products are pure, safe, and beneficial.  The actual name of the company comes from Switzerland and has come to mean 'beautiful tree'.  As the brochure says "The dynamic bond between humans and nature is the essence of Arbonne."  This was very evident at the party, the fact that it wasn't just about the products or getting you to buy them but about how they would better you and your life.  Okay, enough history, onto the party and the products!

The actual set up of the party was very nice- it created a great atmosphere that felt very open and natural, with an organic flow, that connected greatly to their products.  For example, the woman whose house the party was being hosted at had this beautiful leafy bouquet as the center piece on her kitchen island.

There were berries and gluten free cookies offered as well as water and some of the Arbonne fizz drink, which is a great replacement for an energy drink.  The skin care products were set on a cake display stand in the center of the room, which I thought was a really nice touch instead of just having the products scattered about a table.
 We did mini facials using the orange and champagne colored products which is their RE9 Advanced line and let me tell you, this stuff felt AMAZING! I chose to do half of my face so I could see if I felt a difference and boy-howdy did I! My skin felt so baby soft and felt so smooth that I was just blown away.  I had never used completely organic skin care before and I was hooked after my first try.  My two favorite things from this line was probably the Regenerating Toner and the Corrective Eye Cream.  This stuff actually works, you can see the difference after just a few weeks.
Sensitive skin? Don't worry! Arbonne has you covered too!  Now, we didn't try any of the sensitive skin products but if they are half as amazing as the RE9 Advanced collection then they will be just as amazing just not as harsh (for lack of a better word) on your sensitive skin.
That's a lot, right? WRONG. They have sunscreen AND self tanner.  That's right, I said SELF TANNER.  Organic, healthy, self tanner.
 The blue tube is the self tanner and the yellow tubes are the sunscreens.  The best thing about the self tanner? It doesn't smell like self tanner! The sunscreen comes in for the face, body, and the lips.  It's so hard these days to find sunscreen chapstick that I was very impressed to see that they had their own lip sunscreen in chapstick form.
  By now you're probably thinking, okay cool, they're a skin care line but you're a beauty blogger- where's the beauty? Well, (a) beauty starts with a good base which means healthy skin and (b) THEY HAVE MAKEUP!
 CC Creams, foundations, an AMAZING and I mean AMAZING primer,
Lipglosses and lip liners
I was so amazed by their makeup, it is really high quality, pigmented, creamy, easy to apply, and just generally fantastic.  My favorite thing by far, though, was their makeup primer.  It didn't feel like silicone, it didn't feel like it was sitting on my face, it just sank in and smoothed out my pores and created the perfect Canvas of a Face (see what I did there?).  I was able to swatch their lipsticks, lipglosses, and lip pencils as well and here are the shots, unedited.
 Look how bright and vibrant the lipsticks are! They were so creamy to swatch and opaque after two swipes, talk about great! I really loved the top color I swatched, definitely a 'me' kind of color.
 The lip pencils they had were very nice neutral colors that would make a great base, filler, and/or outline for any lipstick.  I really love the one on the top because it's a really gorgeous dusty rose color.  
The lip glosses were really nice too, I really loved the bottom color.  They weren't gloopy or sticky on my hand but the only downfall is the downfall of every lip gloss- it doesn't last very long on the lips.
The next thing we did was a body scrub, tested on our hands, and it was amazing.  This was in the scent Awaken and it smelled like fresh oranges to me, which is something I love to wake up to.  The cool thing is that it leaves an oil behind that you can rub into your skin, rinse off, or use to shave with.  Talk about a multi-use product!
Now you might be thinking that, except for being organic, gluten free, etc., they are basically Mary Kay and Avon- WRONG! Do Mary Kay and Avon carry food? A hair care line? A line just for men? A baby line? No? Well Arbonne does, and they are all fantastic, healthy, luxurious products.  Do I have you convinced? Contact my representative Anice at her website here, and she can definitely help you make some decisions and get your order placed.  I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and enjoyed learning about a new to me product brand.  If you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to leave them down below! XOXO

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