Monday, June 15, 2015

June Jubilee Day 12: Dior Lash Primer REVIEW!

Hello Stars and welcome back to another edition of June Jubilee!  Today I am going to be reviewing the Dior Lash Primer and giving what my impression of it is today as well as my impression when I first got it. So keep reading and let's get started!

For this test I used my favorite Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara in Blackest Black, to see my review on this mascara click here. Not pictured is my eyelash curler, but I used my favorite eyelash curler by Tarte.
 So before I put anything on my lashes, I curl them.  To do so I roll my eyelash curler up and then pump it for ten times and then hold it for ten seconds and release.  I do this to both eyes so that they are both equal in that sense.  Now time for mascara application on my left eye, I do one coat while wiggling and blinking into the brush.  As the first coat dries on my one eye, I go to my right eye and apply the eyelash primer.  It is a white primer but does not turn your lashes stark white.  While that dries I go back to my other eye and do a second coat of mascara just to make sure that each lash is coated.  Then I go to my second eye and do the first coat of mascara, wait a minute and then do the second.  Here are the results. Obviously the sides are reversed when looking at the picture so the right eye in the picture is my left eye with no primer, and the left eye in the picture is my right eye with the primer.

With the left eye, there is definitely more length and separation of the eye lashes while the other eye has more volume.  Yet in all honesty, I really can't tell much of a difference especially when compared to my ELF lash primer (post here.).  When I first got this sample, I thought it was the be all and end all of all things because it does make my lashes look good but, now that I've found another cheaper, and in my opinion, better option I don't think it's all that great.  I'm glad that I tried the sample before buying it.  I'm in no way saying that this is a bad mascara primer, no way, it's fantastic but I think until I can try the Lancome one I'm going to stick with my ELF lash primer.  What do you think? Do you see a huge difference? Is there a lash primer that you really love? I would love to know!  XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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