Sunday, June 21, 2015

June Jubilee Day 16: Lotions for Dry/Eczema Prone Skin

We all get it at some point in our life, dry skin or sometimes some of us (myself included) have Eczema.  Here are some lotions that I like to use to help keep the dry and super dry itchy skin at bay.

First up to bat, we have a double header because they are the same thing, just different scents and that is the Body Cream by Bath and Body Works.  This is totally different from the Body LOTION from Bath and Body Works.  The bottles, err, tubes, look like this:
 They are squeeze bottles, kind of like toothpaste, and not the hard plastic ones with the button cap.  I find these to be far more nourishing and moisturizing.  They hold the moisture in longer in your skin and doesn't make you feel greasy or oily, unlike their lotions.  The scents make it more pleasant than using just plain old Gold Bond, too. These run from $12.50 to $15 depending on the line and such.  I only really get these when I run out or at the Semi-Annual sale when they are half off.
Next we have the Atlas Mountain Rose Body Butter from the Body Shop, which runs $20 but I got it during their holiday sale last year for $10.  It is whipped and light but very moisturizing and great to use after shaving.  The scent can be a little strong depending on the scent you get, but it dissipates after about an hour just leaving soft, smooth skin behind.  It is also great on rough elbows and arms.
The next two things are targeted specifically for eczema, one is store bought and one is all natural.  The first is something you can find in the store- The Gold Bond Eczema Relief Hand Lotion.  I keep this by my bed and put it on my hands every night.  Not only is it good for eczema skin but it is also good for really dry, calloused hands.  The second thing is something I got at a craft show.  It is very very thick, you really have to work to get it out, but it's like a salve on your hands or any eczema-fied area.  I really enjoy it, but one jar is going to last me a good long while.

What do you use to heal your dried skin? What is your favorite lotion scent? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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