Monday, June 29, 2015

June Jubilee Day 20: Top 5 Blushes

Sorry for being gone for a while folks, but I was celebrating my birthday along with a few other things coming up but I'm back now and I'm starting a Top 5 series that will carry over into July and possibly August (If I find enough stuff, lol) So, as you can probably tell from the post title this one is about, that's right, my favorite blushes! So let's get started! (This is no no particular order)

 1. The first blush that made my top ten I don't believe you can get anymore.  It is a Tarte Amazonian 12hr Clay Blush in Adored.  It is a beautiful babydoll pink with a lot of silver shimmer.  I just think this blush is so beautiful, especially during the spring and summer.  It definitely lives up to the claims of lasting a long a time.  Once this stuff is on,  it doesn't come off.  Absolutely LOVE!
2.  The second blush the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Candy Coral. It is like a mouse, gel, cream texture but it is 'bouncy'.  That little dent in the center is where I put my brush or finger when picking up product.  It is a great base blush for so many colors but is also gorgeous alone.  Alone, it looks very dewy and underneath a blush it makes it last longer and makes the powder blushe's color. Absolutely wonderful!

 3. This is really my only high high end blush  and it is Super Orgasm by NARS. I know I said this was in no particular order, and it's not, but this is my favorite by far.  This was also my very first NARS product so it holds a special place in my heart.  It is a peachy pink with gold glitter running through it.  I feel that this makes my cheeks just glow and look so absolutely pretty.  This is my favorite and I love it so much I even have smaller version for when I travel! Now that's what I call
 4. The fourth blush that I've really been liking is Twinkle Pink by ELF.  Now, I know in the picture it doesn't look like much but trust me when I say that in person it is a beautiful natural pink with just a hit of glitter/shimmer running through it.  It is from their studio line and costs only $3.  I will be doing a video post about this blush on you YouTube page here.
5.  The final blush that I've really been loving is a big surprise to me- mainly because it is matte.  It is the Milani Rose blush in Tea Rose, which is a very nice natural looking pink that adds just a touch of color to the cheeks.  Which is perfect for those no makeup makeup days.
What are some of your favorite blushes? XOXO
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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