Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June Jubilee Day 9: ELF Lipstick Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing the six ELF lipsticks I own- four studio line lipsticks and two essential line lipsticks.  They are wonderful lipsticks, for the price, hands down but keep on reading to see swatches and to see why I think so.
First up I'm going to tell you about the Studio Line lipsticks I own because of the two lines, this is one is my favorite.  Let's start with the swatches:
Flirty and Fabulous
 Pink Minx
 Velvet Rope
 Red Carpet
(Please ignore the outside of the line-ness, I was silly and didn't use lip liner)
Firstly, can we talk about the pigmentation of these? It's absolutely amazing, and I only swiped them once on each lip, I didn't have to keep going back over them to show color.  These are also very hydrating on the lips.  I don't feel the need to use a lip scrub or put chapstick on before applying these.  They also glide one with the ease of a butter lipstick by NYX.  They don't tug on your lips while being applied and they don't show dry patches or cracks in the lips.  Even after I've had them on for thirty minutes, they don't really sink into the lines of the lip very bad.  The darker colors, the reds, I would use a lip liner with next time because a) it was hard to stay in the lines and b) they did bleed just the tiniest bit.   There is absolutely no scent with these which I really enjoy because sometimes scented lip products stop up my nose and I become really grumpy, so these lipsticks won't make you grumpy if you're like me.  My favorite color out of the four I have would have to be Flirty and Fabulous.  It's a nice medium bright pink which means it can be worn day or night, to interviews/work or going out with the girls (or guys).  The packaging, pictured below, looks remarkably like NARS lipstick packaging (of course).  It's very sleek and black, which makes it look more sophisticated.  I really like that there is a clear bottom with the color that's in the tube which makes it easy to find the color I want when I'm in a rush.  I really love the Studio Line lipsticks now and can't wait to try more colors! This is what the packaging looks like:
      Now, I shall move onto the Essential Line lipsticks.
These are the Essential Line lipsticks, which is their $1 collection of products.  You can definitely tell the difference between the Studio and Essential lipsticks.  First, there is a very strong scent- not unpleasant, just strong.  Which as I mentioned before is not something I am very keen of.  The pigmentation is okay, not as great as the Studio line but for the price point it's pretty good.  These do drag on the lips a little when you apply them and I had to do two swipes to make the color completely opaque, which I guess is good for when I just want a sheer wash of color.  As you can see in the first picture, these lipsticks do settle into the lines more and definitely show if you have dry lips or if you haven't exfoliated them in a day or two, which I definitely found a bummer.  The packaging looks and feels very cheap to me.  It's a plastic silver bullet with a clear window in the center of the tube so you can see what the color is on the inside. Great if you put them in the front row of a lipstick stand, terrible if you put them anywhere else. Also, one of the packages is difficult to twist up so I think it may be partially broken. My favorite color of the two is definitely Sociable, it didn't show my dry lips as badly.  This is what the packaging looks like:
All in all, the Studio Line is definitely better in my mind- in all things, not just lipstick.  Yet, the Essential line does have some pretty fantastic items as well.  If you would like to see my best and worst video of ELF click here.  Have you tried these lipsticks? Which do you like better? What Studio colors do you suggest I try next? XOXO
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