Friday, July 3, 2015

Beauty for Women of a Certain Age

Now before this post starts I am in no way calling anyone 'old', I see that as a compliment anyway but I understand how people take it wrong.  The images I used are from the internet of some of my 'older' heroines, being an actress myself, they are actresses.  Dame Judi Dench put it best:

If I can be frank with you, my beautiful stars, I believe there are no rules when it comes to makeup no matter what age you are.  You want to rock that blue eyeshadow at 75, you rock that blue eyeshadow at 75.  Yet, there are rules when it comes to skincare and it's not just for "women of a certain age" because people in their twenties and teens need to take care of their skin too.  The number one thing that all beauties need in their arsenal is a good morning lotion/cream WITH an SPF and an evening cream, the creamier and thicker the better for those with drier skin.  Another necessity as you age is a serum for your face and neck.  When your in your early and lat teens, don't worry about it but twenties and later would be when you want to start playing with  serums and finding the right one for you.  The best thing about serums and creams is that you don't have to use both every night, you can alternate.  The next thing you need is a good eye cream because it's not just for eyes anymore! You can use it around the laugh lines around your mouth and in frown lines as well- don't be afraid to experiment.  Look at Diane Keaton- who says she doesn't do a beauty regime each morning and night?
Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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