Friday, July 10, 2015

The Planner Life: Organization and Decoration

So, it happened, I am now the proud owner of an Erin Condren Life Planner.  Specifically the one with the saying "Believe You Can And You Will".  I was gifted that and a few Etsy giftcards for my birthday, so I figured what better way to jump in feet first than to do a post on my blog about it?
I decorate my planner and use gel pens because it makes it look pretty and cute, which makes me actually want to use my planner.  I know that sounds a little silly, but it makes a lot of sense to me.  I keep my gel pens in, of all things, a superhero trick-or-treat box, that I have had to duct tape with superhero duct tape because it was starting to split form being moved and picked up and used all of the time.
 I also use the markers that came in the Erin Condren Launch bundle, which are basically flair pens, expect they don't have the Flair name.  They write really nicely, don't bleed through, and are very pigmented.  I was super happy when I received them in the mail.
 These are what some of my layouts look like, the monthly layout and the weekly layout.  The monthly layout is where I plan my videos and blog posts so I can stay on track with that sort of thing.  The week spread that I'm showing you, I used GlamPlanning's Paris theme but I didn't use all of the stickers so that I could get more than one weeks use out of it.
 My sidebar is actually printed off and I got that from ChickadeeDesignCo who makes printable things for your planner and I absolutely adore her shop- she makes such great printables!! The bottom half of the side bar is editable, which was really nice so I can track whatever I want. 
This was this week's spread- no real rhyme or reason to it besides the fact that I wanted it to look pretty.  It didn't have a theme like the week before or next week. I used both stickers and Washi Tape I had bought as well as stickers I had made myself like the Pusheen and the quote.  I look forward to the time I set apart each week to just sit down, plan out what I know is going on the next week and then go to town making it look pretty.
At first, except for a few Etsy shops, all of my stickers were from scrapbooking stuff I had or that I had gotten at Walmart, Michaels ($1 sticker books anyone?) and stores of the like.  Now that I've discovered the joys of Etsy and the talent of their sellers I'm in big trouble, because I want all the stickers and I want to support them all.  So once my giftcards are done, I'll have to budget how much I put aside for Etsy (and other fun purchases, which I already do) shops.  You have to be careful, or you could get yourself into some serious trouble shopping there, lol.  Each box, not in this week but in nexts, have a specific category- Personal, Social Media, and Miscellaneous.  I figured that that covered the bases pretty well.  I got those customized stickers from KarolinasKrafts on Etsy and they are just gorgeous.  You get to pick the color and what they say, it did take a bit longer because it was personalized but it was totally worth it! I will definitely be ordering from her again.  Actually, come to think of it, I've never come across a bad seller on Etsy or Ebay (where I ordered my Lisa Frank stickers from).  Would you like  me to do plan with me videos? Or my sticker hauls from Etsy? Please let me know down below!  XOXO
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