Monday, July 6, 2015

You're the Top Series: Top 5 Lush Products

Hi Stars! Welcome back to another insert into my new ongoing "You're the Top" series, which includes my top picks of- well- everything!  Today's post is about my top favorites from Lush.  If you don't know about the shop or have never heard of them click here and you'll be re-directed to their site and let the discovery begin.  And no, I am not sponsored by them- I just really totally LOVE their products!! I even bought their #GayisOK soap, which part of the proceeds go to campaign funds for Gay rights, you can find the soap here.

I already mentioned the "#GayisOK" bar but my favorites are; the Mask of Magnaminty, Twilight Bath Bomb, Fluffy White Clouds and Blue Skies, Sparkler Bath Bomb (Christmas special release), and Pot o' Gold bath jellie (St. Patricks Day special release).  My all time favorite is the Twilight Bath Bomb because I find it so relaxing and calming at night.  Just so you know, it's not just all purple ;)
The Mask of Magnaminty is one of their newest releases in their mask section.  This isn't a self preserving mask, so it has to be kept in the refrigerator.  It has exfoliating beads, so it creates a nice face wash after you rinse it off.
The Sparkler bath bomb is something that I picked up at Christmas time and have been using it bit by bit because it's VERY glittery and means I have to scrub the tub out each time I use it.  But it is worth it because it smells so nice and really does make me think  of  a sparkler.
My favorite bubble bar is Fluffy White Clouds and Blue Skies (I think that's the name, I may have switched words).  It helps to soothe my muscles even though it does not have menthol or anything else of that nature in it.  This can be broken up into four or five baths, which makes me very happy.
The Pot O' Gold shower jellie was my first shower jellie and I really like it.  It's shimmery and smells like citrus.  It can also be used to create bubbles.  Saddly this was a limited release around St. Patricks Day/Easter but it does have to be kept in the refrigerator or at least that's how I do it, so it stays fresh.
What are your favorite Lush products? XOXO

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