Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Adore Me: Lookbook #1

I  recently came across the company Adore Me, website here, and wanted to do some lookbooks for some of  their lingerie pieces. If you would like to take a look at their lingerie page, please click here and browse all of their amazing sets! They are constantly updating the page with new designs and collections and it's a great way to satisfy your curiosity about this amazing brand.
The inspiration for the look.
Here is the final product; the lingerie inspiration side by side with the look I created.  I went for a gold eye, black tightlining, pink dewey cheeks, strobing, and a nude lip.  

This particular piece of lingerie is known as the Addie Hipster.  There is no underwire or padding, so I went for a softer freer look, also inspired by the beautiful blue color and the floral pattern.
Here are the products I used.  I focused on creating a dewey fresh faced look with a pop of color on the lower lash line, utilizing 2B's turquoise mascara for that.  I also made sure to mix a highlighter with my foundation to give the lit from within look as well as using a liquid highlighter.  I then used the Dream Catcher palette by NYX because it had the perfect gold and bronze colors to create a soft eye that I tightlined with black liner and then used the Scandaleyes Flex mascara by Rimmel on my top lashes to give them a bit of oomph.
For my lips I went for a soft, nude type lip (which pictured pinker than it was in real life) that way it would not detract from the pop  of color on the lower lashes.  I used the Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss in Nude as well as the iridescent lip gloss by Eve Pearl as a topper to give it a little bit of sparkle.
 The reason I chose the colors and look that I did is, again, all because of those two beautiful pieces of lingerie.  The lingerie inspired me to create a look that I have now entitled "Floral Oasis" because of the delicateness of the lingerie and the softness of the look that I created.  The lingerie has an ethereal feel about it so I wanted to try and convey that through my look.
Please keep a look out for more of my lookbooks for more pieces of lingerie to come, I sure hope you enjoy this new series.  XOXO Emma

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