Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bare Minerals Products: REVIEW!

For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive some Bare Minerals makeup.  I haven't used mineral makeup in years, ever since I stopped using Pur Minerals powder. I received a small pallette and a package of lipglosses and here is what I thought after applying them and wearing them for a day.

First, I'm going to talk about the beautifully compact eyeshadow palette:
This little beauty is just that, a beauty.  There are matte and shimmer colors, but not glitter.  On the lid are three look ideas, one of which I have done and it turned out nicely.  Sadly, I didn't take a picture not thinking of my blog but more about the audition that I was headed to. I used the top row of colors with the main color being the light pink in the  and then using the lighter and darker taupe on either side in the crease and then the big white color on my brow bone.  The colors are quite pigmented and creamy, I was very surprised.  because I wasn't quite sure what to expect from mineral makeup.  Now to the lipglosses:
These are the Bare Minerals lip moxies, which I had heard nothing but good things about and so getting to try SIX colors in one go was great. Firstly, I LOVE lipglosses that make my lips tingle and these did that- YAY!! And the colors are really great, I especially like the bright pink (middle bottom) and the purple/pink (top end).  They are moderately opaque which is nice because a lot of the glosses I have either have NO COLOR or LOTS OF COLOR (I prefer lots of color) so it was nice to have something inbetween.  The color pay off was really nice and they weren't gloopy and didn't make my lips feel sticky which is a big 'no no' when it comes to lip glosses.  If they're gloopy on my lips (since I'm a texture person) it gets a new home or thrown out.  I was really pleased with this lipgloss and the Bare Minerals products in general. Very very happy girl over here.
Have you tried Bare Minerals, what do you think of them? XOXO

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