Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eyeliner Explained

Ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of eyeliners they have at Sephora or the drugstore? There are how many types of eyeliners? Then you get to the styles on the eyes, but we'll leave that for another day.  Here I want to take the simplest form of each type of liner (that I know of) and help guide you through this maze of madness.  Since I do not own ALL of the types of eyeliner, I used images found on Google. Let's get on, shall we?
1. Let's start with the most basic of basics, the eyeliner pencil:
This is your most basic form of eyeliner, except for maybe using eyeshadow as eyeliner.  It is shaped and is exactly what it says, a pencil.  You sharpen it with a pencil sharpener, although you may want one specifically designated for makeup ;) The one downside to just a pencil is that it can be a bit stiff and sometimes difficult to produce color.  This is easily fixed by picking up a kohl pencil, which is softer and glides on a lot easier, and you can get them at the drugstore.  My favorite Kohl eyeliners are the kohl kajal eyeliners by Rimmel.  If you don't want to go hunting and already have a pencil but find it to be too hard, do not fret, there is a quick fix for this too.  Now, if you are under 18 I would say let your parent do this or have them supervise you but all you have to do is take a lighter and hold the tip of the pencil in the flame for a few seconds and it will warm up the product and start to melt it.  This will make it softer and creamier to apply, just be sure to not put it straight on your eye after holding it in the flame.  Not so basic anymore is it? I know, I thought the same thing too when I learned all of this.
2. The second type of eyeliner there is, is a cream or gel eyeliner:
Cream and gel eyeliners come in plastic or glass pots like this, and in a wide variety of price ranges from ELF pricing to Givenchy pricing.  With this you will need a brush if it is not provided (with ELF they are provided but boy are they tiny), you want a small angled brush or a straight brush with a bent handle, like these:

Now you obviously don't have to run out and get a Charlotte Tilburry brush, but Ulta and Sephora brand have great brushes, especially Sephora brand. Yet when starting out, use any brand you like and you'll find what works best for you.  Applying cream eyeliner is really simple because it's just that, a cream (or gel), so it glides on perfectly with ease (is that even a real statement?!).  You want to start at the center of your eyelid nearest to your lashline, and draw your line outward, flick or no flick it's totally up to you.  Then you want to go into the tear duct and draw a line to meet in the middle with your other line.  It will take some practice, but I promise you can do it! If you would like an eyeliner application video, just let me know, and I would be happy to make one.
3. Finally, the big baddie, liquid eyeliner.... dunh dunh dunnnnnhh.  Of this there are two types (I know, right?): The liquid liner with a brush or, my personal favorite, the felt tip liner. Here is what they look like:

When starting out with liquid eyeliner, I would say go with the felt tip.   It is very easy to control and a lot more goof proof because it's like drawing with a marker.  I don't actually have a favorite felt tip liner, but the NYX one I'm using at the moment is pretty nice and not very expensive either.  Now the brush on liquid liner, this does take a steady hand and confidence, but I believe in you!  You may want to start with one that has a stiffer brush and work your way up to a more flexible brush that way you can get the hang of the tension you need in your hand to control the various brushes you will come across in your makeup life.  Once you have completely mastered the liquid liner in all forms, I will recommend my favorite liquid brush liner- it's the Milani liquid liner.  The reason I say wait until you have mastered all forms is because once this stuff is on it does not budge, minus some serious heavy duty makeup remover and some gentle (read not so gentle) scrubbing.  I save this liquid liner for when I have a special event or if I'm going swimming. That's right, it doesn't even come off then!
I hope you wonderful stars found this useful, if there are other things you would like to see explained, please feel free to ask away down in the comments.  Do you have a favorite eyeliner or liner type? If so, what is it and why? XOXO

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