Friday, August 7, 2015

Fall 2015: Colors and Fashion Trends

Hello my lovely Stars and welcome back to another post! Yet today's post is a little different, it is geared more towards fashion BUT makeup trends and makeup in general is influenced by fashion- the colors, the styles, everything. So I figured I 'd share with you what I found for Fall 2015.  First, the color palette:
Of course we've got Marsala in there, since that is the color of the year.  The color, though, that makes me most happy to see is Cashmere Rose. I know we've seen it somewhere on many runways before but this year it somehow seems different- more adult, less childlike.  Something that can be work to work without being frowned upon.  The bottom row is definitely the most striking of the two but Panton knows their stuff and I suppose I shall trust them.
Now, onto this thing called 'fashion' I keep hearing everyone talk about....

Number one this season seems to be that 'bling' is back, big time.  As ELLE Magazine (pictured below) documented:
I'm excited to see broaches and larger pieces come back into style, but had it ever really gone out of style? I mean, two years ago weren't they just called "statement pieces"? Either way it's beautiful, so let's go forward (no matter how lost and confused I feel).
Next on the hit parade is 50 Shades of Grey, and no I'm not talking about the book.  Grey is apparently the new black in the boardroom. No picture needed for this one just, if you value your sanity, do not search 50 Shades of Grey.
Alrighty, Highly Waisted is next and no it's not a bar it's the new trend. You thought pants were high waisted this year? oh boy were you sorely mistaken, as was I.  No, now they come up even higher to cause an "exaggerated silhouette", the illusion of longer legs, and a very tiny middle.  I'm sorry, but if you're not a size two or zero I don't see how this trend is going to help in the least.
Kitten Heels are making a comeback this year, but as a sister pair, the chunky kitten heel.  This year designers aimed for comfort making the poor tiny kitten obsolete.  Well, not completely, I'll still wear them! Picture from ELLE Magazine:

Look Ma', No Hands! That's right kids, pull those sleeves back down over your hands because that is IN this fall.  Keep your hands nice and toasty and do a magic trick at the same time- a vanishing act! Don't hem those shirt sleeves just yet ladies, those long long sleeves are in in in. Photographed by ELLE Magazine:
The Cold Shoulder: This fall, you may have a chilly shoulder but you'll sure be in season with this new trend- one shoulder garments! These have been around for years but have never been considered 'in' until now. And just think, now you won't get that pesky bunching up at the collar and shoulder area when you carry your purse on the side with no sleeve!
There are two skirt trends that hit runways this season, one which I have dubbed the shredder skirt and the other which I have dubbed the people shortener. The first takes a normal skirt and then shreds it, in even pieces to above the knee. Pictures from ELLE Magazine:
 This second skirt flounces out just below the knees, in my opinion, making the person seem shorter than the (a)already are or (b) than they actually are! A big plus is that it does create a nice swooshy effect.
The gloves are back ladies and gents, but not just any gloves, oooooh no. These gloves have fringe, go above the elbow, the whole shebang.  Imagine being smacked and challenged to a dual with one of these puppies (Photo from ELLE Magazine):
If you want to read up on all of the top 20 hottest trends, read ELLE's The Complete Fall 2015 Trend Guide. I hope you enjoyed this out of sorts post, and your regularly scheduled broadcast will be back tomorrow. Thank you and goodnight. XOXO

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