Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Brow Products

Everyone knows that eyes are the windows to the soul but also the eyebrows are the frame around that window.  Your brows help to frame your whole face, they can make or break you, so having the right product is key.  Luckily, there are many products on the market- drugstore and high end brand- that are now available.  So let's go and I'll talk a little about each product!
 Let's start with drugstore first, shall we? Here we have the Maybelline Brow Drama which is a tinted gel for your eyebrows to help darken them, shape them, and hold them in place.  There have been mixed reviews on this, especially because of the odd wand, but I have to say that this is one of the best brow tints I have used, and maybe only, from the drugstore.  It's really great for when you're in a rush- you can just swipe it through your brows and boom, sharper, darker, shaped eyebrows. In just a few swipes.  This is probably my favorite drugstore brand eyebrow product.
2. Here are two clear brow gels that came from the drugstore, ELF and Rimmel.  Oddly, even though I don't like any of their other brow products (I have to try them again though, it's been awhile and they've definitely stepped up their game) I really love the ELF one.  It's technically for brows AND lashes but I'm just going to use both ends for my brows since I wear darkened mascara I don't feel the need for a clear coat.  The other small one is from Rimmel.  I do have to say, because of it's tiny size the Rimmel one is perfect for just that.  I've noticed that it is a bit drier than the ELF one though, which is odd because they're both gels but you understand what I mean, yeah? Cool. These are the only clear brow products I own so I regularly rotate them through my stash so they get equal use.  If I had to choose, I think I'd go with the ELF one though, just because I like the formulation and the way it makes my eyebrows feel.

3.  Now onto the highend stuff, up first is the Perfect Brow Pencil by Anastasia. I know, not the Brow Wiz *GASP* but I was drawn (hehe) more to the pencil.  You will see that I just started using a twist up product and have gotten a lot better with them so I may try the Brow Wiz next.  But this is a tried and true product here, I use it almost every single normal day when I am wearing my makeup.  It goes on smoothly, no chunks falling out and looks very nice and natural.  I would definitely recommend this pencil.
4.  See? I told you I had been practicing with a twist up.  I received this in an Ipsy bag and I totally love it! It is in the color Universal Taupe, which is a bit dark if I am to be honest.  But the formula is a little waxy but creamy, making it glide into your brows with no effort at all.  This is by It Cosmetics, by the way. I always forget to mention that.  Anyway, I think this is great when you become more comfortable with your regular pencil and are ready to take it up to the next notch.  
 I saved my favorite, and best, for last- the Anastasia Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes kit.  This is Holy Grail for me.  It comes with wax, two colors for the hair color you choose, and two highlighter colors for the brow bone.  It also comes with shape cards and a slanted eyebrow brush.  When I have more time to get ready, this is what I immediately reach for to do my brows.  Whenever I use this they always come out "on fleek" in my mind and look the best.  If you can get your hands on this, I suggest doing so. You won't regret it!
What are some of your favorite brow products? Are any of these yours? XOXO Emma

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