Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Safe Summer Glow

Hello my Stars and happy middle of August! Now, I know what that means- trying to get tan before you have to head back to school, work, etc.  But fair warning, this isn't a post about what tanning oils to use or the best places to go to get a tan.  Instead, this is about all the ways you can get a safe tan without risking skin cancer because of too much exposure to the sun.

First, let's talk about my two favorite face bronzers- the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 020 and the Tarte bronzer in Park Avenue Princess.  They both create the best natural sun kissed look on your face.  Here is what each individual one looks like:
Rimmel: This was the first bronzer I ever purchased.  I'm very fair so I don't tan, I just burn.  This helps me to fake a nice light glow without being too heavy or shimmery or orange.  I will repurchase this twenty times over.
 Tarte: This is the very famous Tarte Park Avenue Princess and I was lucky enough to receive this in my Ipsy bag last month.  I was a bit nervous to try it because it is darker than my Rimmel one which, at the time, had been the only bronzer I had ever tried.  Then I tried this on camera for the first time and fell in love.  It created a slightly deeper tanned look while still looking very natural.
It's very easy to apply these products, take a nice fluffy brush and dust the bronzer across your forehead, chin, perimeter of your face, and then across your nose and slightly onto your cheeks.  Yet not so much on your cheeks that it compromises your blush.
Now onto fake tanners for the body!
I use two fake tanners- the Neutrogena Micro Mist in Medium and Jergens Natural Glow in Light to Medium.  I prefer the mist because it develops much faster as in, you're pale at night and then you look tan the next morning.  With any tanning product, though, be sure to exfoliate first otherwise your tan will come out splotchy and uneven- I learned that one the hard way.  If you do mess up though, don't worry, it's not the end of the world! Take a pumice stone and rub it over the spots where you need to remove the mistakes and it comes right off.  Don't rub too hard, though, or else you could wind up hurting yourself and I certainly don't want you doing that!  I hope you found these tips helpful.  If you have any self tanning tips, please feel free to share them down in the comments. XOXO, Emma

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