Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You're the Top Series: Top 5 Staple Jewelry Pieces

Hello my stars! I'm trying desperately to make this blog more diverse, so for today's post I've decided to share with my top staple pieces of jewelry.  Some have sentimental value and some I just love because they are beautiful.  I hope you enjoy! (In no particular order, of course)
1.  This used to be my Gin-Gin's ring holder and for the longest time after I graduated, I had no rings to put on it.  But then my dad gave me this beautiful silver and turquoise ring (not pictured) and I got to use it again. It's a small ring, fits my pinky and maybe my ring finger and just the gesture of him giving it to me meant the world.  The rings you can see I got from Claire's/Icing and I love bows sooo, I have a ton of bow rings that I wear quite a lot and really enjoy.
 2.  This is a big sentimental piece to me, this was my Gin-Gin's cross and when she passed away a few years back my aunt's decided that I should have it.  Sometimes I will wake up with my hand around it, or if I'm anxious my hand immediately flies to my throat to hold her cross.  It makes me feel like she's with me.  The only time I ever remove it is for surgery, MRI's, and if I'm in a show where I wear a costume that can't hide it.
 3.  There is nothing really sentimental about this piece, I just think it's beautiful.  When I saw it at Ulta I passed it up at first but when I went back a few days later it was still there and I thought of it as a sign, so I got it, not realizing there was a quote on the inside.  As I said I like bows, but I love quotes more.  It says "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
 4. You may have noticed that I start each post with a variation of greeting you as Stars.  I got this earing at Walmart when I was at school because we're the Stephens Stars.  So when I lost the second one to this in a move, it became my cartilage earring of choice.
 5. Finally, my nose ring.  Not one specific nose ring like everything else, but just the fact that I have one.  It was one of the first big changes I made as soon as I got to college.  I still have the original stud, too.  Again, unless I'm having surgery, an MRI, or am in a show that it doesn't fit, I never take it out.  Not because it will close within seconds but because I just don't like having it out, I don't feel like 'me' without it.

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