Sunday, September 6, 2015

Buy and Try: Why I Blog

I noticed a few weeks back that beauty bloggers were doing posts about why they blogged and, more importantly, why they would buy makeup just to try it.  So I figured, why not, let's give this post a shot.  So this is me, giving this post a shot.
It's no big shocker that I'm a beauty blogger, the fact that I drew on the walls with red lipstick when I was quite young tells me that.  Yet what does surprise me is the fact that I have become increasingly comfortable with buying products just for the sake of trying them.  A good example of this was in one of my more recent posts about face masks.
Now, I do love a good face mask myself but I had quite a few already when I bought three new ones- two being a brand I loved and one being a brand I had never heard of before.  Before I started this post, I thought to myself "when have I bought something just to try it so I could report back on it?" and this is immediately what I thought of.  I bought those three masks for a few reasons, the first being I wanted to try them myself, the second being I wanted something new to blog about that I hadn't beaten to a pulp, and thirdly I was just out and out curious.
Curiosity killed the cat some might say, but not in the case of beauty blogging.  As my mom says, no one ever died because their eyeliner color was wrong. It's true, you won't die because you tried a new product but I want to help you MAKE the decision to try that new product. Ya get me? I don't want you to waste your dollars (or whatever currency you happen to use) on a product that may be a waste of your time, I want to be that person to tell you so and tell you what is good, and try to make it affordable.  Yes, I have my high end products just like every other beauty guru out there but I always mix in drugstore products and try to find comparable products at the drugstore for the high end products.  A good example is the Blushed Nudes palette by Maybelline for the Naked 3, not a complete dupe by any means but pretty darn close in my opinion.
So, why do I do it? Why do I buy and try again and again? So I can feel like I am worth something, that what I write is helping someone somewhere with their makeup, whether their a seasoned makeup puter-oner or a twelve year old sitting in her bedroom watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs looking for inspiration and ideas.  I want to feel like I'm useful to someone, like my videos or my blog has helped them in some way, shape, or form.  That may sound arrogant and stuck up, and maybe it is, but I try to be as transparent as possible and honest with my reviews at all times (even if they turn out to be bad).  I hope you found this interesting and gave you an insight as to why one of many beauty bloggers, and bloggers in general, do what they do.

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