Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why Do I Blog?

I've gotten quite a few questions lately as to why do I blog? I get no monetary gain from it, so why do I bother doing it? Well, my dear friends, read on and I shall tell you why!

I blog because it gives me a great creative outlet, a way to express my love for beauty and makeup.  While I am a certified makeup artist, I needed another outlet to get my passion out there.  Above is one of my idea books and on the left is the fall color scheme.  I like to write my ideas down that way (a) I don't forget them and (b) I have a chance to look back at my ideas, see what I've done, what I haven't done, what I want to re-do, and fully realize my ideas that I may not have been able to flush out at the time.
These two things are my posting schedule which, yes, I haven't been keeping to the last few weeks but I'm getting back on track I promise!  Above is the visual of how I wanted it all to work, two days off five days on.  It was a better balance than trying to blog or post a video every single day.  Having those two days off also gives me a chance to catch up if I get behind.  Below is my schedule in my Erin Condren Planner.  I plan it out on my monthly view and then I write it in on my weekly view when I do my weekly decorating.  I do the blog posts in one color and my videos in another because that way even if I for some strange reason get things mixed up, I always have my color coding to rely on.  I also decorate my monthly views, too.
I use my planner a lot to help me keep track of my blogging and use of Social Media.  I use a daily blog checklist and as well as a weekly blog check list.  It reminds me to not only blog or put up a video but also to post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  I found them as free printables here and here, they are made by Melissa at A Virtuous Woman.  She has a lot of great resources for bloggers.
 The top one I tape in the front of my planner and I use a coil clip to attach the Daily Blog Checklist.
I love blogging because it makes me feel organized and it also calms me down, like writing and coloring do too.  Blogging is a great way to embrace your passion and let it bloom and flower.  I hope you guys have found an outlet like I have.  If you have a blog, please leave it down below- I would really love to check it out! XOXO Emma

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