Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Argan Oil Eye Cream- REVIEW

Hello my bright and shining Stars, I hope you are all doing well! Can you believe we're in October?! This is not a favorites post, that's coming later in the week on my YouTube channel (linked below) so yay!  This post is about my most recent favorite eye cream and the best part? Found it at Marshalls!  It is an Argan Eye Cream with Dead Sea Minerals within it, keep reading to see my thoughts!
This is only my second eye cream, prior I had been using a jar of Garnier eye cream.  It was good, but nothing fantastic.  I don't have any lines... yet, and I always believe in starting treatment early for something you know is going to happen.  Not that having lines and wrinkles is a bad thing at all, I just don't want them when I'm twenty.  
When I ran out of my Garnier eye cream, I knew I wanted to try something different but I didn't know what.  Enter in the Argan Oil eye cream. No, this is not an oil/eye cream hybrid, it is a cream but has Argan oil mixed in along with Dead Sea Minerals.  I just happened to be wandering Marshalls one day and I stumbled across this and being $7, I figured what could I lose, so I picked it up.  Boy am I glad I did! It is so hydrating and smooth and creamy, I am absolutely head over heels for it.  Now, I'm a sucker for packaging so the gold packaging automatically caught my eye.  Also, it's travel friendly because the tub is plastic and not glass so shattering will not be an issue.  Here is what the product looks like:
 I got a lot of product for very little price, which is always a big bonus in my book.  With eye cream you need the smallest dab on your ring finger to pat around and under your eye area.  I also take a tiny bit of the cream and put them right where laugh lines will eventually show up.  This has not broke me out, has not irritated my skin, and has not irritated my eyes.  This is the gentlest eye cream I have used. I don't know if you'd be able to find it at a Marshalls now, but if you see it I highly recommend picking it up because it is a pure beauty.  
Do you have a favorite eye cream? What is it? I would love to know!  XOXO

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