Monday, October 5, 2015

Bite Beauty Watercolor Library: REVIEW!

A few months back, Bite Beauty released their Watercolor lip library.  Now, originally it was over $40 if I remember correctly but then it went on sale at Sephora online and I got it for about $20.  I absolutely love the different colors in the palette, as well as the mix of sheer washes and opaque colors.  

I really love the Watercolor lip library because it is such a versatile lip palette!
There is a wonderful mix of odd pastel colors to lovely wearable pinks and peaches to dark purples.  The second color, the barbie pink, on the right is absolutely amazing.  I think it is amazingly pigmented and gives a great color wash to the lips.  It's not so pigmented that it's like your Barbie but it's like your Barbie's toned down little sister.  I also really like the pastel purple.  Odd for me, I know, but I really do.  It gives me a hint of purple without being over powering and super dark like the second dark purple in the box.  
One thing I do think that could have been done better is the packaging.  I think something with a raisable, magnetic clasp lid, would have been recieved better. While the design is eye catching, the packaging itself leaves much to be desired.  It's a bit flimsy and dents and the corners get boxed very quickly.  If I get a set like this, I want to keep it in the packaging not take it out and separate everything.  
Did you get this palette? What did you think of it? XOXO

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