Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How Being a Blogger has Changed Me

Hello my stars, long time- no post! I'm really sorry about that, but working on two different shows really makes life a bit hectic.  While I will work on getting out the posts that I had planned for earlier  in the week of October 27, I wanted to start out with the one I was supposed to do on Sunday: How Being a Blogger has Changed Me.  I saw this post a while back on another bloggers site and I decided that I would like to do something like it, too. So here I am and here is my story.

1. Being a Blogger has made me learn how to write in a clear and conducive manner, so that others can understand.
2. Being a blogger has taught me how to really multi-task, one tab with the post open, another with YouTube, and another and another with various forms of research et cetera.
3. Being a blogger has taught me how to take better pictures.
4. In regards to number 3, I have also learned how to edit those photos with a professional quality.
5.  Be experimental with my looks and ideas.
6.  I have become a more open person and share many more things than I ever thought I would.
7.  My eyes have been opened to the fair, and unfair, practices of makeup companies.
8. I have finally developed my own sense of style, and I am actually comfortable in it.
9. Being a blogger has helped me to make friends around the world because of our mutual love for blogging and for beauty and now planners!
10. The main way being a blogger has changed me is that I have grown more confident in sharing my opinion.  I am no longer afraid of being shot down or made fun of because of my opinion.  If I have an opinion I make it and I don't worry what other people think.  I've grown confident enough to speak my own mind. 

Are you a blogger? How has it changed you? Blogging has changed me in more than ten ways, but I just chose the top ten ways it has changed me- especially the last one.  I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget: Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!

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