Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Staple Skin Care

Hello my lovelies! I hope you all are doing well.  Today's post is about my staple skin care pieces.  Now, there may be some key pieces missing but that's because I flit between a few different products for certain areas.  I hope this will help you if you are having trouble picking skin care products.

My first, and most expensive, piece of staple skin care is my Clairsonic Mia 1.  This brush is absolutely amazing, it makes my skin feel great after I use it and it has really helped with clearing up my acne.  While it is on the pricier side I think that if you can get it, get it.  It will completely change your skin care routine.  If you can't afford it right not, however, the Olay brush is really good too and I used it before I got this.  Now I just take the Olay one with me when I travel because it's smaller and lighter. 
 I use two facial cleansers.  The top one, ClearProof by Mary Kay, has really helped my acne prone skin and I have really seen an improvement since I started using it.  The Chamomile face wash oil by the Body Shop is one of the washes I use at night because it helps to remove eye makeup up as well as the makeup from the rest of your face.  I then go back with another face wash and my Clairsonic (only at night) and really wash the rest of my face.
I use two different toners, depending on how my skin is doing.  Either I use the Clean and Clear deep cleansing astringent on pretty good days and I use the Stridex pads when my skin needs that extra kick in the pants to clear itself up.  The best thing about Stridex? It comes with it's own cotton rounds!
I have to daytime lotion staples, my Simple Skin Care protecting lotion and then my Garnier BB Cream in Fair/Light.  When it's really dry I will use both but if it's hot and gross outside I'll only use the Simple lotion.  That is,  unless I am going somewhere, then I will use the BB Cream as a light foundation- especially during the summer time.  
My final product is my Argan Oil eye cream which I just reviewed here.  I found this eye cream at Marshalls and I absolutely adore it! The consistency is great, there is no scent, and it's a very generous amount for the price that I paid for it.  
So that's it for my staple skin care, I really hope you enjoyed this post.  What is in your staple skin care stash? I would love to know! XOXO

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