Wednesday, January 13, 2016

You're the Top series: My current favorite 6 blushes

Hello my lovely Stars and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to share with you six of my all time favorite blushes. They are mostly high end but there is one drugstore blush that made the cut.  Keep reading and I hope you enjoy!

The first blush I want to recognize is the blush and bronzer duo by ELF in St. Lucia.  This palette is a grand total of $3. Now, I know what you're thinking- cheap price, cheap product right? Wrong. This is an INEXPENSIVE product with really wonderful quality.  The blush is a beautiful coral pink with a slight gold shimmer running through it and, even though we're not doing bronzer, this bronzer is so pigmented I rarely use it because I am so fair. This is definitely worth stopping by your local Target, or wherever ELF products are now sold, to pick this bad boy up.
Now, this is my all time favorite blush- hands down. It's a beautiful pink coral with a major gold glitter, not shimmer, running through it.  The glitter looks chunky in the pan but it really isn't when transferred onto my skin, or anyone else's skin if I use it on a friend, client, etc. It gives you a nice natural flush while also giving you that lit from within look. This goes on smoothly and does not cling to any dry patches.
Up next is Stila's Convertible Color in Petunia.  This is my all time favorite cream blush.  It also happens to be the first high end product that I purchased all by myself.  It is a beautiful cream blusher as well as a wonderful lip color.  Not too light and not too dark, it's just right on those with a fair skin tone like myself.
Next is a mini of Laura Gellar's baked blush in Tropic Hues. THIS. IS. LIFE. I received this in an Ipsy bag a few months back and I was skeptical at first but after my first swatch, I was in love.  It is the perfect tone for my fair skin which I totally didn't think it would be because it has some slight purple/berry tones to it, which scared me at first but after jumping into it I haven't looked back.  This is hands down my favorite blush right now but maybe of the whole year?!  I always check Ulta when I'm there to make sure they still have it because I would be crushed if I went in one day to get the full size and it was gone! Crushed, I tell you! Can you tell I really love this blush? Seriously, just swatch it the next time you're in Ulta (Sephora does not carry Laura Gellar at this time) and you'll be hooked.
This is the only Tarte blush I own.  I got it in a gift set but I believe it is full size because when I compare it to the 'mini' sizes of the Christmas collection, it's much bigger than they are. Anyway. This is in the color Adored which is a true pink with major shimmer.  Again, though, the shimmer does not translate completely to the skin.  There is a definite shimmer on the skin, though, but a beautiful shimmer.  It definitely gives me "dolls cheeks", that perfect flush that little dollies have painted on their little porcelain faces.

Now, I don't know if they create this blush anymore but this is by Napolean Perdis blush in Mosaic Blushing.  I got it when Napolean was still carried at Ulta and they were having makeovers and my mom and I went to get one.  This was the product we both liked the most but has now become mine.  Since there are darker tawny and berry tones with this blush, I only wear it during the fall and winter months because I prefer a brighter cheek for the sunnier months. Which, now that I think about it, is all year round in SoCal but, hey, who's counting? The little white blocks are a shimmery white which is really nice to have so that it's not a matte blush. I'm not a matte blush fan, can you tell?
So those are my top six blushes... at the moment anyway.  I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to comment with any post ideas you may have for me- I'd love to hear from you! XOXO

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