Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bee ZZZ's: The De-Stress Balm

Hello my lovely Stars, if you are new- welcome! Go ahead and hit that 'follow' button over there to the right so you don't miss a single post.  Today's post is going to be about one of the most awesome products I tried last year, Botanicals By The Sea's de-stress balm Bee Zzzz's! Okay, I think of it as more of a salve but you get the picture, right?  Anyway, I carry a lot of stress and anxiety around and it definitely weighs me down and makes it very difficult for me to get much rest at night.  I bought this product at the Ontario Harvest Festival and it has worked wonders.  While I still have trouble sleeping, this definitely helps me drift off sooner.  For a more in depth look at Bee ZZZ's, click that "Continue Reading" button!