Thursday, May 12, 2016

Battle of the Mascaras: Round 1

 Being someone who loves mascara, I have quite a few and I decided I should share with you my findings of which is best for what and if there are any you should just steer away from. This may be a lengthy post so grab a drink and a snack and let's get started!

So above we have all of  my mascara's in my mascara storage.  The  container that I store them in is a white and Tangerine colored container with the Tangerine part being a squidgy bit with holes where you can put things of various sizes and they will stand up. I found it about a year ago at Home Goods near my home and I am so glad my mom convinced me to purchase it because my storage before was *shakes head* it was just wrong, all wrong.  I like this storage because it allows me to see and easily access all of my mascaras.  I can constantly know what I have and get to all of them with the same amount of ease. Prior to this little beauty, I had them all stacked on top of one another and bunched up in a little container, laying down on top of each other, making it next to impossible to know what I had without making a complete mess and, trust me, those who know me know how much I do not need more of a mess on my hands. Anyway, you came here for the battle of mascaras to see what's best, so let's get ready to rumble!!

Below we have the battle between the Lash Sensational mascaras, the original and the Luscious.  First take a look at the lashes which are labeled and then the brushes: 
Lash Sensation Original
Lash Sensation Luscios

 Looking at the two brushes, the original is more curved and the Luscios is a bit spikier and is curved on all sides.
In my opinion, I think the Lash Sensational is great if you want a fluttery, girly, everyday look with a bit more oomph but if you want something edgier then I would go with the Luscious.  It definitely gives you a fuller, sharper look.  The combination of ingredients in each seems almost identical so the big game changer is the brush.  As I explained above, each brush is very different and does very different things to your lashes as the eye pictures show.  For my likes and dislikes I love both but I would have to say I like the softer look of the original mascara better.  So this has won Round 1 of the mascara battle.  Tune in next week to see Round 2 where the Original Lash Sensational mascara will go up against another contender in the Battle of the Mascaras!!
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