Sunday, May 8, 2016

Brand Focus: Colourpop Cosmetics

Hello my beauties! Today I am going to try something new, a new type of post, a brand focus.  I've seen many of these done on YouTube but find them difficult to discover in blogs.  Probably because to do one you have to own a lot of one brand's product to do such a post and that can take a while.  Well, I've decided to take on the challenge and take it on with one of my all time favorite brands, Colourpop Cosmetics.

First up we have all of my Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. These shadows are some of my most loved because of their creamy consistency and ease of application. You can apply these shadows two ways, with clean fingers (which I prefer) or with a brush.  If you want a more packed on, bold look you definitely should use your fingers because it is easier to pack the color onto the lid.  Yet if you want more of a wash of color then the brush would be the best bet for you.  I also love these to travel because of the very reason that I can use my fingers to apply the product and wouldn't need to take a whole lot of eye brushes with me on a trip.  Most of the colors I have are from the permanent collection but there are a few from the Summer 2015 collection (Flipper and Shark Attack) as well as the Rumer Has It collection (Swan). A great thing about these shadows is that, because a lot of them are so sparkly, there is no fall out with the sparkles.  Or, at least, none that I have experienced.  The individual Super Shock Shadows cost $5 a piece for a pretty good amount of product.  The packaging can be a little deceiving however because while the pot looks deep, the product does not go that deep.  That would probably be my only 'problem that's not really a problem' with the product, so, other than that this is a great product that may need a little packaging revamp.  Below each picture, I will list the names of each one and whether they are metallic, matte, etc.
 Clockwise from bottom left: Girly (Pearlized), Rumer Has It Swan (Satin Luxe), Fringe (Metallic)
 Clockwise from bottom left: Amaze (Metallic), Lovely (Metallic), Get Lucky (Ultra Metallic)
 Clockwise from Bottom: Sequin (Metallic), Nillionaire (Metallic), La La (Ultra Metallic)
 Clockwise from bottom left: In a Pickle (Matte), Tea Party (Metallic), Shark Attack (Pearlized), Flipper (Metallic)
 Liberty (Ultra Metallic)
I have four of the Colourpop Lippie Stix and in, what I would consider, a wide range of colors. They are smooth and creamy on the lips, even the matte lippie stix.  There is a light scent to the lippie stix but nothing overwhelming and nothing that could really affect anyone's allergies unless you are highly highly sensitive to scents.  The tubes are skinny and long but twist up a lipstick just like any short 'regular' lipstick bullet. As well, like any other lipstick, the top is cut at a slant BUT instead of being curved to a point at the top, it is a perfect oval shape.  Below are pictures of the lippie stix I own and what they're called. 
 Wet (Pearlized)

 Juicy (hyper glossy), Rocket (Satin), Fiesta (Cream). Not pictured- Fetch
 Along with my lippie stix, I also own two of their lippie pencils.  Both are pink toned and in the colors Punky and Fetch.  They are super pigmented and glide onto the lips beautifully.  They look plastic but are able to be sharpened in a regular makeup sharpener.  You can even wear these alone because they are super creamy and don't dry your lips out like many lip liners tend to do.
 Now, these last few things I have just recently ventured into but I have fallen in love with them just the same. First up is the Colourpop Creme Liner in Get Paid.  It is a gorgeous penny colored eye liner.  It is a twist up eye liner so no sharpener needed- YAY! This is so creamy, it glides on like butter and leaves my eyes with a beautiful sheen. I love it and look forward to getting more!
 This is the Colourpop Ultra Satin liquid lipstick in the color Brooklyn.  This is a gorgeous mauvey pink color that isn't too pink nor is it too nude, it's that perfect in between of fuschia and having no lips at all.  While it doesn't stay on forever, it does last a long while and doesn't wear off after the first sip.  When it does wear off, however, it leaves a nice stained color on the lips.  It is super comfortable on the lips, doesn't sink into dry spots and lines, and doesn't leave a ring around your mouth.
 These are probably some of the few matte lip products that I actually like.  Yes, I am talking about the very popular Colourpop Ultra Matte liquid lipstick.  When they say ultra matte they mean ultra matte! This product dries to a matte lip as close to instant as close can be and it stays.  No I don't mean that it stays through a few sips of a drink, no no no, it stays through drink after drink after drink and probably kissing too ;) A few things though, be sure you scrub your lips with a lip exfoliator and pat on some lip balm and let it sink in before applying the ultra matte lips.
 And finally, my favorite product, the highlighters! I own two colors, Highly Waisted is on the left and Stole the Show is on the right.  These apply just like the eye shadows but they come in a bigger container and are just slightly more powdery.  These really give you that BAM glow but if you had to choose the more toned down on my skin tone for every day, it would definitely be Highly Waisted.  I got it because it is more of a flesh toned so it works really well as a highlighter OR as a blush topper for a matte blush. I know it defeats the matte blush purpose but, hey, to each his and her own.
Well that's it for my first Brand Focus post here on EmmaDelfosseMUA, I really hope you enjoyed it.  If there is a certain post you would like to see or if you would just like to say hi, be sure to jump down to the comments section and do so and I will talk to you all soon! XOXO (PS I'd love it if you checked out my social media down below!!! XOXO)

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