Friday, June 10, 2016

Battle of the Mascaras: Round 3

Welcome back Stars, to the Battle of the Mascaras after we took the week off due to forgetfulness. It shall not happen again, I hope.  Today we have our reigning champion, Maybelline Lash Sensational Original versus the Rimmel Kate Moss mascara. Who will win? Will the reigning champ be knocked off of her pedestal? Keep reading to find out!

As with the previous two posts, which you can read here (1) and here (2), I will first talk about the brushes because that really does affect how the mascara goes on and therefore how it looks. Up first is the Kate Moss mascara by Rimmel.
 Talk about an interesting brush! To me it looks like one half of an anatomically incorrect heart, which I think is great when you consider the shape of the human eye.  The brush hugs the contours of the eye meaning that each lash has a better chance of being coated.  The flick at the end of the brush causes there to be a flick at the outer lashes, giving you a cat eye effect/look.  It is an all natural bristle brush, which I believe doesn't coat the lashes as well but, with it being a natural bristle brush, there are more bristles and your lashes get more spread out and not so clumped together.

Lash Sensational Original.
This is a curved synthetic bristle brush and I believe it is one of the few brushes that I like that is a synthetic bristle brush.  I find that with this synthetic brush my lashes do not clump as much as they do with others of the same type of brush.  This brush is curved to the shape of the eye so you don't have to move your straight brush in order to get all of the lashes.  If you would like to see more of what I've had to say on this brush, I refer you to my Round 2.
Rimmel Kate Moss
Original Lash Sensational
Looking at it I can see immediately that the winner is.... Rimmel Kate Moss! Now let me tell you why.  Just in this picture, my lashes look blacker and fuller than the lash sensational lashes (even with the redness around my eye from removing so many mascara swatches).  As well, if you look at each picture closely, you will see how well the curl is held and the curl is held much better with the Rimmel mascara.  I love the look of fuller looking lashes, especially without the clumping factor.  The Rimmel mascara really looks like it's one of those "Reach for the sky" mascaras because of how high my lashes look, especially in comparison to the Lash Sensational.  Which do you think won? I would love to know!
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