Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lush Shampoo Bar: Review!

Everyone uses shampoo, but what type of shampoo do you use? My best friend uses all natural products, I use off the shelf regular shampoo, or, at least I used to! Now I am using the Lush Shampoo bar! I use the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar and, while I can't really use it when my hair is freshly dyed, I use it every time I wash my hair.
The best way to use it is to suds it up in your hands and then scrub your hair.  If you scrub your hair with the bar, you will get the same effect but you will use up your shampoo bar faster.  It smells really nice and refreshing.  It really leaves your hair feeling nice and clean but not stripped. It cleans away grease and "balances sebum" in the hair  leaving it healthier and gives it a good shine. It smells of lavender which is my favorite scent, but it can be a little overpowering while you are washing your hair if you don't like the scent. The lavender really helps to soothe the scalp, so if you're having scalp troubles this is the bar for you! Lush has quite a few scents for you to choose from as well as each of them offering a different benefit.  An example is their Jason and the Argan Oil bar, it really helps enrich your hair with good oils while providing you with a nice rosey scent.  If you would like to check out all of their Shampoo Bars, check out their website here or if  you would specifically like to see the Jumping Juniper bar be sure to check it out here.
Have you tried the shampoo or conditioner bars? What do you think of them, I'd love to know! Don't forget: Be bold, be beautiful, be YOU!

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