Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hello my lovely darlin's! I have been gone for quite some time, haven't I? In my defense I did have a summer full of surgeries, spending time in hospital beds (which I am still currently in), and having both legs in knee high casts.  So taking pictures and blogging and filming were not even plausible.  Now I'm slowly getting back to normal and so will this blog, but YouTube is going to take a little bit longer.  I missed putting reviews up for you guys and posting pictures.  I've been pretty active on my Instagram accounts though, because they are easy to post to.  It has been a really rough time not being able to have the outlets I am used to, to pour my energy into.  So I found another outlet, cardmaking.  Before my surgeries I was crafting a lot but it has become more than a hobby now.  I have an Etsy shop called Cardstock Queen (linked below) where I sell my handmade, individually unique, cards and planner dashboards.  I have even sold a few things so far, and of that I am very proud.  I have gotten into many different mediums when it comes to crafting and making cards from only being someone who used colored pencil and one or two Copic markers to using watercolors and acrylics to color my images.  This is something I can pour my heart and soul into daily and come out almost as satisfied as I was when I was performing.  I also color a lot now in coloring books and practice hand lettering for my cards.  This by no means mean that I have shied away from my makeup, oh no, if anything it has made me more aware of colors and more bold in what I try.  So, this means that this blog will become more than just makeup and a few life updates.  There are going to be posts about my cards and new techniques that I learn.  There will be posts about my everyday life and my planners and how I stay organized in that sense.  I hope you enjoy this new change to the blog and are glad to see me back.  Below are some pictures of cards that I have done that are up or will be going up in my shop very soon, enjoy! XOXO